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Invite Sustainable Energy Champions to Participate in SEAI Energy Award 2021

  • SEAI Energy Award 2021 is open for entry
  • Awards showcase sustainable energy excellence

The Irish Sustainable Energy Agency (SEAI) invites communities, businesses, organizations and individuals advocating sustainable energy to participate in the SEAI Energy Award 2021. In its 18th year, the SEAI Energy Awards truly push the boundaries of energy efficiency best practices, innovative renewable energies, awareness raising and inspiration to others.

SEAI today announced the award at the SEAI Energy Show. Fergus Sharkey, Head of Business and Public Sector at SEAI, said at launch: “More than ever, Ireland needs to use less energy, stay away from fossil fuels and use innovative energy solutions to address the climate crisis. Fortunately, communities, businesses, individuals, The organization is paving the way for the rest of us.

The SEAI Energy Awards celebrates these champions and leaders. We can showcase their achievements and hopefully get others to take action. If you believe that you, your community, or your organization are among these leaders, we highly recommend participating in the SEAI Energy Award 2021 so that we can celebrate your achievements. .. “

The entry can contain any combination of the use of electricity, heat, or transport energy. There are nine categories to choose from, including large companies. Small Business; Public Institutions; Energy Community; Buildings; Renewable Energy; and Energy Managers or Teams. Winners of the Research and Innovation category will receive scholarships of up to € 10,000.

SEAI is also looking for entries in the Emerging Sustainable Energy Champion category. This category recognizes the extraordinary efforts of young people around Ireland to promote sustainable energy, a key pillar of climate change.

The entry deadline is Friday, June 18, 2021.. Winners will be announced in October. For more information and details on how to apply for the 2021 SEAI Energy Awards, please

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About the Sustainable Energy Award

The SEAI Energy Award recognizes and recognizes excellence in all aspects of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Eighteen years later, the award continues to benchmark energy best practices as exciting and innovative sustainable energy solutions and practices emerge.

Award category

Energy Team / Energy Manager of the Year

This award recognizes individuals or teams in the public, private or voluntary sector who have demonstrated long-term leadership and ambition in implementing energy management and bringing significant benefits to the organization.

Small Business-Exemplary Energy Performance

The award targets small and medium-sized enterprises with energy consumption of € 1 million to € 1 million and employees of 1 to 250, exceeding best practices in implementing energy efficiency, energy management solutions and renewable energy technologies. I will. Applicants need to outline what energy savings they have made so far for their long-term ambitions.

Large companies – exemplary energy management

The award is for organizations that consume more than € 500,000 and have demonstrated energy efficiency and decarbonization outcomes over the years. Applicants should outline what energy savings have been made for long-term ambitions and innovations in actions, projects, or initiatives that have improved energy performance.

Public Sector – Energy Leadership

The award is for public sector organizations that have demonstrated leadership in energy efficiency and decarbonization for many years. Applicants should outline what energy savings have been made to their long-term ambitions and outline innovations in behaviors, projects, or initiatives that have improved energy performance.

Inspirational energy community

This award is for members of the SEAI Sustainable Energy Community Network. It recognizes the inspiring efforts of teams leading the trans-standard sustainable energy community through a combination of ambition, passion and commitment.

Building energy

The award recognizes sustainable low-carbon buildings that demonstrate design, construction, and / or operational best practices. We welcome applications from new construction or major refurbishment projects in a residential or commercial environment. The project must be complete and the building must be occupied.

Innovative development of renewable energy

This award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated a high degree of innovation in the deployment and / or operation of functioning renewable energy projects. The project may be renewable heat, electricity, or transportation, and may include self-supplied projects to individual facilities.

Energy research and innovation excellence

The award is for organizations that have researched and developed innovative energy-related technologies, processes or systems that have made a significant contribution to Ireland’s clean energy transition. This winner will receive a € 10,000 versatility.

Emerging Sustainable Energy Champion

The award recognizes the extraordinary efforts of many young people to promote the cause of sustainable energy as an important pillar of climate change.

Invite Sustainable Energy Champions to Participate in SEAI Energy Award 2021 Invite Sustainable Energy Champions to Participate in SEAI Energy Award 2021

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