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The IPL controversial bowling action is discussing the world of cricket after the referee is forced to talk to an Indian star.

Indian teenager Riyan Parag “escaped” with low tactics in a broadcast where the world of cricket has become a hot topic as the team lost to Punjab Kings on Tuesday.

The all-rounder created a headline moment in the match when switching to a weird sidearm bowling action and helped eliminate West Indies superstar Chris Gale.

Parag hit 25 out of 11 balls in the Rajasthan Royals chase in the first-century inning of the 2021 Indian Premier League season by debut captain Sanju Samson. world.

The weak on the right arm switched to his sidearm action with his only over, and sometimes it seemed that his arm came from a less than vertical angle to release his delivery.

He had IPL TV commentators, including Australia’s great Michael Slater, laughing at the absurdity of the situation, which was a much more serious scenario for field referees.

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The referee was seen to have a word on the paraglider after his only over, and he finished at 1/7 as the Punjab crushed their way from 20 overs to 222.

In his actions, the commentator pulled out the magnifying glass to see if Parag’s actions were legal or if he was starting to move from under his arm.

Slater said Paraglid “stopped” while veteran Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle asked how close Paragliding was to pitching under illegal arms.

Many have compared the shape of his sidearm to the sidearm specialist Kedaljadhab.

The match itself was a thriller, from the last two deliveries to the final deliveries with the bright red Samsung, which requires five runs.

Samson refused a single with his partner Chris Morris on the penultimate ball and fell in an attempt to hit a six.

“I don’t have a word to explain my feelings. I wanted to end it for my team,” Samson said.

“I don’t think I could do any more. I thought I did it well at the timing of 6, but unfortunately I couldn’t clear the man deeply.”

The 14th edition of the Twenty20 tournament is taking place in a closed room amid a surge in coronavirus pandemics in India.

The Royals will face Delhi Capitals on Friday night.

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IPL 2021: Riyan Parag Bowling Action Video, News, Rules IPL 2021: Riyan Parag Bowling Action Video, News, Rules

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