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According to Iranian sources, Islamic republic executed yet another athlete. Former amateur boxer and regional boxing coach Alim Tairi has been killed by the Irani government this time. Mutairi was only 30 years old. He was executed on January 29, 2021. His family was unaware of his murder and did not say goodbye to them.

Mutairi was arrested for “war with God” “Mohalebe” and “corruption of the earth”. The Iranian government has accused him of killing two members of ISIS and a government-backed militia, Basisis. No connection to ISIS has been confirmed, and people close to Mutairi claim it was wrong. Iranian human rights activists have stated that Mutairi was physically and mentally tortured while being detained in an intelligence detention center. He was then transferred to Shayvan Prison, where he was harassed and placed in a prison cell.

Ali Mutairi has been on a hunger strike with fellow POWs Jasseem Heydari, Ali Khosraji, Hossein Silavi and Ali Mojaddam since February 25 and counterattacked the whistleblower. The group protested torture, cruel treatment, and refusal to visit family members. In the report, Mutairi and a group of protesters closed and sewed their lips for a hunger strike.

The two men accused of killing Mutairi in 2018 were Bashir Hamidi and Hassan Karn Bermanshah. Mutairi was denied a lawyer early in the case. After being brutal tortured, Mutairi told the Inquisitor, “I have nothing to lose, what to write, where to sign, so that you can execute me.”

A really sad scene from Iran as they continue to kill their citizens with such ease. Thoughts and prayers are offered to Ali Mutairi and his family and friends.

My MMA news tried to find more information about Alim Tairi boxing, but nothing in Tapology, BoxRec, or Sherdog. This does not mean that Mutairi did not compete, but instead it is difficult to get records from the region. If you have any information about Mutairi’s boxing career, please contact us here to commemorate it.

Ali Mutairi latest killing of Irani

Iran has significantly increased civilian killings in the last two months. After many public concerns about the economic downturn, Iranian citizens went out to protest. More than 20 civilians have been executed since December.

Anger exploded after Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari was sentenced to death twice. He has been executed and has taken no action against the country because of the horrific crime, despite screaming and pleading with the IOC. After Afkari, Paralympic athlete Reza Tabrigi was arrested for suspicion of why Jim was closed and not a religious shrine. Most recently, another Iranian wrestler, Mehdi Ali Hosseini, was executed.

Iran continues to kill athletes, and the IOC, UWW, and other important organizations that have some power over Iran’s athletic program are still silent on the issue.

Read about the murders of Irania athletes mentioned in the past. You don’t have to forget these names. MyMMANews will inform you of the details.

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Iran runs boxing coach Alim Tairi.Suspicion of torture and confession Iran runs boxing coach Alim Tairi.Suspicion of torture and confession

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