Iron Giant Original Film Score Lands on Deluxe 2-LP Vinyl Release

One of the best animated films, Iron giant, The original score has been repressed for the brand new Deluxe 2-LP Vinyl Release. The Warner Bros. Animation classic Iron giant Now considered a masterpiece, at some point it was dumped directly into the video. Released in 1999 by Brad Bird in his directorial debut, Iron giant Explore the relationship between a lonely 9-year-old boy and a 50-foot metal munching companion seen from beyond the stars.

Iron giant Since its release, it has achieved classic cult status and is now releasing a deluxe version of the vinyl score by Varese Sarabande. The set includes the movie’s beloved score and additional tracks to help celebrate the dignity and lasting charm of the movie.

You can do it pre order Iron Giant Original Film Music / Deluxe Edition Before trampling on the shelf August 5, 2022..

Via official press release:

Varese Sarabande is excited to announce an LP release of the Iron Giant (Deluxe Edition) original film score using Michael Kamen’s music. Varese Sarabande previously released Kamen’s Iron Giant Score as a 49-minute program single LP. 2-LP Deluxe Edition is now available for pre-order at all retail stores. VareseSarabande.com When Intl.VareseSarabande.com..

“The 2-LP package takes the spirit of the film directly, and the pull tabs open the giant die-cut eyes on the front jacket. The rivier depends on the inner sleeve, which has a slot inserted in the first position just behind the cover. Open your eyes in normal mode or defensive mode! “

“create Iron giantHis beautiful and sympathetic score was Michael Kamen-one of his last major scores, his first animated film, and the action blockbuster he became known for. A few miles away from, but far closer to his heart. The gorgeous masked score is full of melody, humor and sensibility, magnificently performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s as big as the threat of nuclear extinction, and as intimate as connecting a 9-year-old Hogarth Hughes to an alien machine — he decides to be a Superman rather than a weapon.

“This deluxe edition adds 13 minutes of alternates, outtakes, and unusual demos, including the unrealized Kamen-themed song” Souls Don’t Die, “played by Kamen and Eric Clapton. Includes piano and guitar attempts. .. Tim Graving’s new liner notes feature new interviews with director Brad Bird, music editor Christopher Brooks, and orchestrator Blake Neely, Kamen’s work process and talented late composer. I dig deep into my longing for.

“Modern Classic, Iron giantBrad Bird (DirectorThe Incredibles, Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol) The story of a boy who became friends with a giant alien robot during the Sputnik era of the Cold War. Based on the 1968 book Ironman This film by poet Ted Hughes is a heartfelt storytelling wonder with timeless themes of friendship, compassion and self-determination. “

You can see the complete track list for the following set.

Side A

  1. Storm Eyes † 2:29
  2. Hogarth Hughes † 0:20
  3. Creepy Music / Hogarth Investigates †† 1:29
  4. Into the forest † 3:32
  5. Giant Wake † 1:23
  6. Hogarth Inker / Sting for FBI Man: Suite †† 0:55
  7. Come and get it † 1:44
  8. Shutoff Switch / Rock Tree: Suite †† 1:03
  9. Cat and mouse † 0:52
  10. Train Wreck † 1:06
  11. Magic Rebuild / Hand Underfoot: Suite †† 2:54
  12. Chew food ‡ 2:01

Side B

  1. America †† 1:22
  2. Great Ride †† 1:13
  3. I have to hide it † 0:48
  4. His name is Dean † 0:46
  5. He can stay ‡‡ 0:38
  6. Eat art † 0:41
  7. Spacecraft † 0:57
  8. The soul does not die † † 4:06
  9. Will Contest † 4:33
  10. Army arrives † 1:33
  11. Annie and Dean † 1:17
  12. I’m Superman †† 0:30

Side C

  1. He is a weapon † 2:42
  2. Huge discovery † 4:27
  3. Transformers † 4:25
  4. No follow † 4:01
  5. The last huge work †† 1; 06
  6. Bedtime story † 2:25

Side D

  1. End Credit: Suite † 8:22
  2. Wild Tam Tam † 0:18
  3. Chew the hood pickup ° 0:43
  4. Duck and cover † 0:29
  5. Early demo # 1 ° 2: 39
  6. Early demo # 2 ° 3: 51
  7. The soul does not die ° ° 2:45

† Original soundtrack version

†† Film version0 comment

‡ Original soundtrack version, incorrectly labeled as “Hand Underfoot”

‡‡ Movie version of alternative ending

° Not used for film

°° Early demo, Michael Kamen on piano and Eric Clapton on guitar

Iron Giant Original Film Score Lands on Deluxe 2-LP Vinyl Release

https://www.joblo.com/the-iron-giant-vinyl/ Iron Giant Original Film Score Lands on Deluxe 2-LP Vinyl Release

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