Iron Harvest Complete Edition Now Available on Xbox Series X | S

The full version includes Rusviet Revolution and Operation Eagle Addon, giving access to all new adventures in alternative reality since 1920. Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the alternative reality since 1920, shortly after the end of World War I. In this game, you can control a huge dieselpunk mecha by combining epic single-player and co-op campaigns, as well as fierce battlefield action and skirmishes for multiplayer fans. Iron Harvest is a classic real-time strategy that game fans have been waiting for. Tradition clashes with advances in science and technology, but Europe is still recovering from the brutal battles of World War II. The city has been rebuilt and the countryside has begun the era of iron harvesting. Peasants have found the remains of a magnificent walking machine that fought on the battlefield of the war. In the midst of this turmoil, new threats emerge that endanger the very existence of Europe. The Secret Army is doing everything it can to destabilize the country as a whole, and is determined to reignite the world and ultimately take control. Key Features: Best Classic Real-Time Strategy Guide dozens of different unit types into battle, use covers carefully and blow up the entire building. Take the time to come up with a plan that will enable a wide range of tactics, including a stealth approach. Mecha. We got the mecha. Many of them. Powerful single-player campaigns and fascinating stories Experience a spectacular, comprehensive story spanning over 27 missions in four campaigns. Team up with your friends and work together to master all the campaigns side by side. INTENSE COOP & COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER COMBAT Competitive multiplayer with ladders, ranked matches and leagues. Choose from a wide variety of skirmish maps and challenge maps that you can play in co-op with single player. Airship Units Introduce new airship units to all factions to fly around and conquer the world. These early flying machines are offered in a variety of classes, from agile skybikes to the giant battleships of Admiral Mason, the hero of Usonia, who die from above across all terrain. The bravest men will be paratroopers performing dangerous missions behind the enemy.

Iron Harvest Complete Edition Is Now Available For Xbox Series X|S

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