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David Aldridge: I’ve written this in Simmons to Sac before, but the rationale is still valid. Simmons is an elite defensive player. He is an elite passerby. His contract has four years left. (His desire to get out of Philadelphia is very strong, as I have been told that he will have no problem going to Sacramento.) Kings has historically been poorly defended last season. Simmons isn’t the savior, but if he and Fox, and either Halliburton or Mitchell the Kings, keep in this scenario, Sack suddenly becomes a defensive problem, becomes violently switchable, and with a heartbeat. You can move from defense to attack. They wouldn’t have been able to shoot very well without Hield, but they had Hield last year and went 31-41. What are we talking about? Given his aggressive restrictions, Simmons cannot be a savior wherever he goes, including Sacramento. (Of course, he wouldn’t have been in the block if he didn’t have those restrictions.) But he’s such a talent that Kings never had a chance to be a free agent. Creating a new front office would be a coincidence, but for me it’s worth the risk.
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Is Ben Simmons willing to play in Sacramento? Is Ben Simmons willing to play in Sacramento?

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