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The Detroit Lions are on the market for wide receivers, and Brandon Aiyuk needs to change the landscape, so there is a possibility that the match will be played in a stretch run before the trading deadline.

The Detroit Lions have introduced Kalif Raymond and Amon-Ra St. Brown (before Week 7) into a thin wide receiver corps.Last week, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported They are looking Add a wide receiver. Certainly there are some options, good, bad Also Other than that..

Blood Holmes, Lions general manager, will not find it easy to let go of premium draft capital and get a wide receiver by the closing date next Tuesday. If the draft on the second or third day is late, the ideal cost will be selected.

San Francisco 49ers trade up Brandon Aiyuk In the first round of the 2020 NFL draft. During 6 games last season.Stretching from 7-15 weeks when two games were missed for COVID-19 during the stretch, he had 45 catches at 568 yards (69 targets) 4 touchdowns as San Francisco’s main pass game weapon.

So far in 2021, things have changed dramatically.

Is Brandon Aiyuk a possible trade goal for Lions?

After the training camp, there were reports suggesting that Aiyuk had something to do in the following ways: “I’m still learning how to become a professional”, With Kyle Shanahan Head Coach say it While a hamstring injury in the second half of the preseason suggests that Aiyuk was behind the curve, he “must be much better than the man behind him (nominally Trent Sherfield). bottom.

The Forty-niners have played six games this season. Playing against Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night, Aiyuk made a total of one catch of 6 yards with one target. He continues to play a lot (40 snaps-71% share) and participates in weapon-deficient pass offenses (or consistently capable quarterbacks to deliver the ball to all of the weapons mentioned above). You can’t, but that’s another conversation).

Shanahan’s chain as a high-end aggressive mind that knows how to get the most out of the player is short. Aiyuk doesn’t look like he’s out of the kennel, and on Sunday night (albeit in bad weather), the muff punt rescued by the rulebook is useless. Shanahan suggests that the tense coach’s story needs to be “started to grind.” If so, why did he play over 70% of snaps in three of the last four games? If Aiyuk isn’t doing what he needs to do, such as during a practice week, don’t play Aiyuk too much, even if the other options are inadequate.

Shanahan didn’t give Aiyuk a rope to make a mistake, but Deebo Samuel was groping on Sunday night and wasn’t immediately banished to the bench. Aiyuk will surely welcome the change of scenery. The 49ers’ general manager, John Lynch, may hear Shanahan hear potential trade offers and offer to shop aggressively.

The winning team will win Aiyuk up to three years later as it was the first round pick with the rest of the season and a fifth year option he could exercise.

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Holmes may buy a wide receiver after next week, so Aiyuk shouldn’t be on the radar yet. The 49ers may take whatever they can get for him at this point (football bag?), But conditional slow round picks based on playtime, production, etc. should accomplish that. ..

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Is Brandon Aiyuk emerging as a late target before the deadline? Is Brandon Aiyuk emerging as a late target before the deadline?

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