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Q: What are the main ones? Brooklyn Nets Should we focus on consistently winning?

A: To be clear, if the first thing that comes to mind when celebrating a question is “defense,” I can’t blame you. Looking at Brooklyn and listening to the stories of analysts and experts, it doesn’t take long to come to a conclusion.

That said, I think defense is floral, but Brooklyn’s focus should be on its roots.

What is the real answer? effort.

Brooklyn should build on their recent success and continue to work towards engaging in a 48 minute effort.

Defense is the most obvious drawback of Netz resumes, so let’s talk about defense efforts. “Defense” and “effort” in this context are separated to take into account that defense involves learning schemes and rotation. However, in many respects, the two may be synonymous and interconnected.

It’s irresponsible and naive to show the fact that this is a new team that is still organizing roles, not to mention led by Steve Nash’s first year head coach. In addition, the 72-game season has been shortened, so there’s probably less practice, preparation, and game planning than the average 82-game campaign, especially if the turnaround from last year is short.

It is their defense strategies and rotation that must give them room to develop and build chemistry. The bone of controversy, which can often be categorized as a lack of effort, is a simple basic entity that we believe will continue to improve over time.

In the light of the last seven consecutive wins, it can be inferred that these twists have already been resolved. That said, there are still fundamental issues that can recur if not completely addressed. One of them is the performance when the team is restored later in the game.

Brooklyn is a team engaged in playing modern “small balls” and it is imperative to box your man and put your body on someone to secure and ensure a rebound. Overall, Nets is ranked 21st in rebounds, 29th in paint-allowed points (51.6 per game), and last in surrendered second chance points (15.7 per game).

In layman’s terms, blockouts lead to more rebounds, and more rebounds reduce your opponent’s chances of scoring.When you surrender 117 points per game (28th) The extra effort is very beneficial to the opponent.

Brooklyn is engaged in a fair amount of small balls, so at least three (perhaps four or more) players always need a friendship effort to crash the board at the defensive end. Kevin Durant, James Harden, Jeff Green may see knocking on career averages in the rebound sector.

And it’s bittersweet. 14.1 haste points per game (9th in FBPS)Leverages the NBA at runouts and fast breakpoints, with leading athleticism, talent and facilitators. But you have to play the hand you dealt, some extra fast breakpoints are not worth giving up any more second chance points.

Obviously when going to the Brooklyn built-in lineup DeAndre JordanHigh expectations for fixing the middle and controlling the glass fall on him. Jordan, the only true big man in rotation, makes his paint presence and rebound service much more important to Nets.

Jordan averaged 7.4 points and 7.2 rebounds each season, proving to be a key element of Netz’s recent streak. In the six games he played, he was almost double-double on average, with 10.2 points and 9.2 rebounds per contest. If Jordan records 10 or more rebounds, the net is 6-1 and if he secures a double-double, it is 3-0.

So if Brooklyn makes conservative efforts to carry the rebound out of the box, will their defensive problems disappear? Will it improve dramatically? Okay. Will it disappear in the thin air? Not perfect.

If you look through Brooklyn’s defense issues, there is a small concern that there is room for some snowball effect. It starts before the ball comes into play inbound.

Brooklyn isn’t interested in one-on-one full-court pressure, as is a significant part of a better defense team. Picking up 94 feet can speed up the attack while preventing the opponent’s main facilitator from launching the attack.

It’s not uncommon to see many of Brooklyn’s enemies reject Harden’s entry pass for the reasons mentioned above. His ability to infiltrate, dismantle defenses, and involve other teammates creates too many threats to them to carry out attacks at the pace he desires.

This is not a significant mandatory adjustment, but it should be considered and implemented for teams with elite facilitators.

Once on the front court, Brooklyn’s energy can be quite loose and lethargic as the team begins to perform aggressive sets. Ball pressure, active arm, and cutter rejection can look like a retrofit. Brooklyn is 24th in deflection and is the last to recover the loose ball.

Ball pressure and active hands create unpleasant possession, which can lead to play failures, bad shots, turnovers, or shot clock violations. In many cases, sales don’t fall on your lap. They are created with activity and pressure. Brooklyn is ranked 28th in the league with an average of 6.4 steals per game.

The net shows a tendency to turn everything on in front coat settings with its advantages and challenges. In many cases, fighting on the screen seems to give better results (when the lineup is small), but when done properly, it can frustrate and upset the opponent’s attack flow.

It was fully on display when Nets matched the last West Coast Road Trip game with the Los Angeles Clippers.When asked in a post-match interview about the Clippers struggling to move the ball and limit turnover Paul George “We fell into a trap,” he replied. George hinted that Brooklyn’s “switch everything” defense was a catalyst for their aggressive troubles and lack of continuity.

The highlights of Brooklyn’s recent defensive surge emphasize attention to detail, improved communication and arousing energy. This is the basic principle that caused the defensive cultural change in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn doesn’t have to escalate to the top of defensive ratings or conquer all “hustle stats.” It needs to be improved over time to identify / troubleshoot weaknesses.

Their recent road trips show that they can be one or more of the NBA’s biggest scoring threats in history.

They boast the league’s best 12-4 record against the winning team, but I don’t think they’re happy to drop the game to less than .500 teams at this point in the season.

If their defensive efforts reach only a small part of the level of their attack, the “scary time” will reach its highest level ever.

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Is Brooklyn Nets one step away from being unstoppable?

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