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Dan Campbell was fighting emotions at a post-match press conference after suffering a major defeat to the Vikings. Is he already “lionized”?

This wasn’t exactly the banner season Detroit Lions So far, one of the two unwinning teams remained in the league entering the sixth week.

At this time, three years ago, fans were wondering what happened with the adoption of Matt Patricia. The Lions record was a couple of times towards Byweek. They had an impressive victory over the New England Patriots, the former Patricia team, and the Green Bay Packers.

However, Lions also lost to San Francisco Fortinize. The San Francisco Fortinize plunged after Jimmy Garoppolo’s injury and was blown away in the opening game of Monday Night Football at home by the New York Jets. Jets was led by newcomer Sam Darnold. Darnold pulled together to throw nearly 200 yards and two touchdowns after his first professional pass was returned for a score by Lions Safety Kevand Ladyggs.

It is considered the starting point for the average defense dismantled by Patricia and then general manager Bob Quinn, so that it can be incorporated into the Patriots image. Needless to say, it never worked.

There are some fans who might still say he would have succeeded if Patricia was allowed to complete his process. They are a minority.

One of the most memorable moments during Patricia’s tenure was when reporters were told to stand up and respect the process during a press conference. This is from a man who often appears to have swooped into the laundry for his outfit for the day.

The question that caused the explosion was innocent enough. Detroit had just exchanged Golden Tate for the Philadelphia Eagles. So Patricia was asked how this would help Lions.

It was at that moment that it became easier to think of Patricia as “lionized.” It happened to many coaches before Patricia, and the explosion was not a good sign. There are currently five games for the 2021 season, and some wonder the same about the emotional Dan Campbell.

However, there are significant differences in favor of Campbell between Campbell and Patricia.

Why Dan Campbell and Matt Patricia’s first seasons are so different

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Is Dan Campbell already “lionized”? Is Dan Campbell already “lionized”?

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