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Dexter Fan: Listen! Michael C. Hall has agreed to participate in Showtime’s beloved show, Ripley’s (hopefully if we catch our drift, this time we’ll kill a little more than cut down a tree). Here’s everything we know about restarting an exciting TV show so far.

Details of our favorite serial killer

Showrunner Clyde Phillips Agrees Return to the new 10-episode season.. Showtime is scheduled to be filmed in winter and will air on TV in the fall of 2021.

Gary Levine, President of Showtime, has issued a statement regarding the reboot. “”Dexter It’s such a special series because this groundbreaking show helped map our network many years ago, “he said.

Levine goes on to say: “I will revisit this unique character only if I can find a creative take that really fits this wonderful original series. I’m happy to report that Clyde Phillips and Michael C. Hall found it. I can’t wait to shoot it and release it to the world! ”

Finally redeemed

Even if you’re not stubborn Dexter Fans, you may remember the reaction to the finale of the series. .. .. A little disappointed. A fast-paced, original television show has become Dexter Morgan’s false death. .. .. Lumberjack? Was it just a prank?

Hall sympathized with the disappointing reaction of the fans.He said The Daily Beast The finale was “narratively satisfying, but not very tasty,” he thought. I think the show had lost some torque. “

The hall continues as follows. .. .. Maybe some people wanted something more satisfying. .. .. For him, it ends with either a happy ending or a clearer sense of closure. “

Recently Hall said The Daily Beast That not so sweet ending was one of his main reasons I agreed to participate in the reboot.. “Let’s do the truth. People have found a way to make things pretty satisfying,” he said. “And there was always the hope that a story worth telling would emerge.”

“I include myself in a group of people who wondered,’What happened to that guy,’ so I’m excited to get back to it,” Hall explained. “I’ve never played a character for such a long time.”

What’s next to Dexter?

Details about the new season haven’t been announced much Dexter Still, fans haven’t stopped theorizing about their next: Favorite serial killer.. Hall promised that the next chapter would be compelling and satisfying, as the conversation with Showtime about the continuation of the story is “in progress.”

“I think it’s been enough time to be intrigued in a way that wasn’t there before,” Hall added.He also guaranteed Hollywood Reporter “We haven’t put anything back. We’re not going to betray the audience and say,’Oops, that was all a dream.’ What happened in the first eight years happened in the first eight years. “

After the premiere of DexterClyde Phillips, the finale of the series, told fans how they wanted to end the series, but that only annoyed us even more. “In the final scene of the series,” he said. E!, “Dexter wakes up, and everyone will think,” Oh, that was a dream. ” Then, as the camera pulls back and forth, I realize, “No, it’s not a dream.”

“Dexter opens his eyes and is at the execution table in Florida Prison. They are just starting to administer the drug and he looks out over the observation gallery through the window.

“And in the gallery are all the people Dexter killed – Trinity Killer and Ice Track Killer (his brother Rudy), Laguerta he was responsible for the killing, Dorks he’s definitely responsible for, he Undoubtedly responsible Rita, Lira. Who were all the great deaths, and the weekly episodic killings. They are all there. “

— —

Details are still pending, but it’s safe to say that it’s safe. Dexter finally TV redemption arc.. So be prepared to see Hall take off that flannel and return to the killing slab.

Is Dexter Morgan back? Investigate the potential for a TV show comeback – Film Daily

https://filmdaily.co/news/is-dexter-morgan-back-investigate-the-tv-shows-possible-comeback/ Is Dexter Morgan back? Investigate the potential for a TV show comeback – Film Daily

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