Is Elden Ring set in the Dark Souls Universe?

There are other details in the trailer, but it contributes to a much more compelling discussion. Elden Ring Certainly it may be related for some reason Dark soul From a folklore point of view. For example Elden Ring The city that some people say is Legend Dark soul level, Anor Rondo. Some fans also Elden Ring The trailer narrator sounds like the painter you meet Dark Souls 3Interestingly, the painter even tells the player that he intends to create a new world.

You can move on, but the point is that there are many character, world, and item designs. Elden Ring A trailer simply inspired by a similar concept found in Dark soul (And Bloodborne) Or implemented as a way to explicitly notify the player: Dark soul And Elden Ring Somehow they exist in the same universe.

Consider the following facts in case the tin foil hat is not yet tight enough Dark soul Was supposed to be called Dark ring Until FromSoftware decides to rename it later in development.That’s part of the reason some fans guess it Elden Ring For some reason, it can help connect all FromSoftware games. Or Dark soul..

Just as all of these possibilities are interesting, this is part of a program that has to throw cold water into most of the fan theories we’ve heard so far.

First of all, this isn’t the first time FromSoftware games share ideas and even assets.For example, a variation of Moonlight Greatsword has been featured in several studio games with a character named Patches. Demon’s Soul, Dark soul, And Bloodborne. But Sekiro The Soulsborn game has some weird nods. FromSoftware loves to refer to previous works in the game, even if it doesn’t seem to technically share the universe.

Second, FromSoftware and Namco Bandai didn’t get in the way of explaining. Elden Ring As a “new fantasy world”. This does not necessarily rule out the possibility that the gaming world will share some connection with previous FromSoftware productions, but other aspects of game development make it less likely.For example, George RR Martin has been reported Was involved In craft Elden RingTradition and history, this is Dark soul If creator Hidetaka Miyazaki gives it to outsiders Elden Ring it was Close relationship with Miyazaki’s previous work..

Is Elden Ring set in the Dark Souls Universe?

https://www.denofgeek.com/games/elden-ring-trailer-dark-souls-universe-connections-references/ Is Elden Ring set in the Dark Souls Universe?

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