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Are golf spots on Christmas day a tradition for you? Or can’t you think of it? This is what our forum said …

Is it okay to play golf on Christmas day?

We Forum members Whether they will tea up it on the 25th.

Some are unthinkable, others are given.

How they voted

Yes 76.7%

No 23.3%

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Oh yeah – 76.7%

I don’t celebrate Christmas and I don’t know why people can’t play if they have access to the course. We are part of a park that is open to the public 24/7. There are always a few people playing on December 25th, most of whom are free and non-members.
Fenway Rich

Fully accepted … Get up early and come back before you miss! This made me think … no visitors this year, just me and my wife at home … is she fantasizing about the game?

I and my old man play every year, as the weather permits. Tea off at 8am. How nice.

Yes, if you have a three-day Christmas play in New Zealand, you will play this year.
upside down

Good opportunity to play another course

Don’t worry about what is acceptable.

The course ends only when the weather is bobbin! Me and my good half play every morning on Christmas morning and love it.

I’m a widow, in my 50s, and no one to celebrate. Why is it just another day …
Birdie hunter

If I were single this Christmas, I would ring the bell and be there.

I didn’t have a chance when my kid was young, but now that I’m an adult I don’t get up until 2 pm, so why? I played last year and it was almost empty except for members like me and those who don’t celebrate Christmas. If the weather is nice, I will go out again this year.

I have no commitment, so I will re-enter the Christmas Day game four times in a row. I’m just trying to decide which course to go to and play.

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Oh no – 23.3%

The phrases I use include words like blood, stones, chances, etc.

I think I’ve only played a couple of times myself, but the course is open here anyway and I’m usually drunk and can’t drive to Nairn.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. The course is not closed due to Ramadan … Personally, my wife kills me, so I won’t be killed.

I think it depends on the circumstances of the individual and family. I don’t think about it personally.
Sir Tyrion

Not a chance

I don’t do that. Don’t think the point of Christmas day is a family day. No one-in-law will come this year, but it’s good to spend the day at HID and then have a Christmas dinner with the in-law late in the afternoon. Or in the evening, catch up with them even from the garden trail. Boxing Day is a fair match and a good excuse to avoid the previous day’s excess.
Homer Simpson

A few members usually open a few clubhouse bars to play on Christmas day, but this year it won’t. Personally, absolutely not.

Even if you propose to go out to the game on Christmas day, one of the branches of the Christmas tree has some additional decorations hanging …

I can’t say I never even thought about it. I want to see the kids open the presents, see them start a culinary festival all day long, and get stuck drinking! The idea that everyone crouches and hangs for four hours (minutes) shrinks the entire atmosphere of our home and has lots of precious memories from the kids!

As a side issue, the head green keeper also said he would take advantage of the opportunity to turn on sprinklers for most of the day, as the course does not open on the 25th, unusually. It will surely ruin the plans of those who want to be “sneak”.

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Is it okay to play golf on Christmas day? Is it okay to play golf on Christmas day?

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