Is it time to delete Facebook?

Facebook has been attacked after whistleblowers leaked an internal investigation and revealed the negative effects of the algorithm. Is it time to delete it?

There was a lot of coverage about FacebookIs it time to remove Facebook in the last few weeks of internal research? Mid-september The Wall Street Journal has published several stories It is based on a leaked document edited by some of Facebook’s researchers. The article does a lot of previously unpublished research, including research on issues such as how Instagram affects teenage mental health and how some well-known accounts don’t follow the same rules as regular users. I investigated. While Facebook claims that the findings are misrepresented, the US Senate is actively discussing whether social media platforms need better regulation.

Although not identified in the original report, former Facebook product manager Francis Haugen has emerged as the source of the documentation. Haugen said about Facebook’s research 60 minutes on CBS In Senate subcommittee testimony, she explained her concerns about the company’s reliance on algorithms and its subsequent impact on users. Haugen, who claimed the status of a whistleblower, She says her motive is to fix Facebook Instead of hurting it. But for those who use Facebook and its app family, the fact that the company may not have announced the negative impact of its products leaves many questions about whether it’s time to leave social networks.

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Haugen raises concerns about how Facebook ranks content based on engagement, suggesting that its reliance on artificial intelligence is damaging the real world. One of the main criticisms of Facebook is related to a leaked study that found that nearly one-third of teenage girls said Instagram was sick about their body. increase. Facebook revealed a study that sampled groups that self-identified that they had existing negative emotions towards themselves, suggesting a relatively small test base. At the Senate hearing in late September Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) reveals that his office has been created A fake Instagram account that imitates a 13 year old girl. Blumenthal says Instagram immediately recommended further such content after following accounts related to diet and eating disorders.

The end of the road?

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO

Other issues raised include Facebook’s 2018 decision to change the way news feed items are ranked. The company said the newsfeed algorithm emphasizes meaningful social interactions and recommends posts with a high number of reactions and comments. However, as Haugen suggests, the algorithm prioritizes more billing content and results in more splits on the platform. Initially, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not publicly comment on the issues raised. However, following the latest Senate hearing on October 5th. Zuckerberg pushed back through his Facebook pageInsists that the company does not “prioritize profit over safety and happiness.”

Legislators say they plan to take action to curb Facebook, but it’s still unclear what the regulation will look like. Facebook itself is actively calling on Congress to enact new legislation, including changes to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. But for anyone using Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or WhatsApp, you may be surprised that the harm of the platform is real and needs to be addressed right away. Still, quitting Facebook can mean missing out on the good things about Facebook. Connecting with friends, socializing with family, hobbies, etc. I can’t tell anyone when the regulation will come (if so), Facebook Alternatively, your Instagram account can determine for yourself if the negative is above the positive and take action.

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Is it time to delete Facebook?

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