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Joelinton has been overwhelmed since moving £ 40m from Hoffenheim in 2019.

The 24-year-old Brazilian has played 58 times in the Premier League since arriving at Tyneside, scoring just three goals (and four assists). It has great expectations and reputation throughout the continent.

But is the overall poorly performing team justified the relentless criticism he receives weekly, weekly?

For much of his career in Newcastle, Joelinton has struggled as the only striker in the 5-4-1 formation. Due to his isolation and misalignment, there are countless games in which he is completely hungry for service alone.

Joelinton was responsible for both creating and scoring for the team, which created few opportunities when the injured Alan San Maximin wasn’t playing.

It is clear that the formations and positions played by Jorington did play a role in his struggle, while he never justified his price tag.

Newcastle is adopting 4-4-2 and 4-3-1-2 formations more regularly this season, presenting more offensive threats as a team. This has become more apparent in the last few weeks, partly due to the clear change in thinking that accompanies the 4-3-1-2 formation.

Callum Wilson confirmed that Newcastle had a chance to stay in the Premier League this season and succeeded in this offensive thinking when his goal was secured with one hand.

Joelinton got more chances in this formation Against the wolf More than I’ve seen him play in any match in his career in Newcastle on Saturday. Without the heroic defense of Romain Saïs, the Brazilian would have named him on the scoresheet.

In addition, he looked more impressive when Jorington was deployed in a deeper role. At the beginning of the season, he performed well against Crystal Palace as he assisted with a 2-0 away victory at Selhurst Park. At that point in the season, he and Wilson seemed to form an effective partnership.

Now I never exempt Jorington from blame, as many fans often complain about his body language and the regularity he seems indifferent to the football pitch. From young professional soccer players, we have come to expect hungry players to make a difference, work harder than anyone else on the pitch, and take their position at Start 11.

In many cases this doesn’t seem to be the case at the age of 24. When Joelinton is our number nine and he expects him to be hungry for goals and give everything to enter the area, we too often Joelinton jogs slowly towards the box I saw.

This is with Joelinton Callum Wilson different.

Callum Wilson scored so many goals in Newcastle this season not just because he’s a more natural finisher than Joelinton. Most of it is because he is simply hungry. Wilson goes into the right territory because he wants it.

This is probably why most Newcastle fans are dissatisfied with Jorington. There are expectations that it will come with a large price tag and ownership of the 9th shirt, but Jorington hasn’t responded yet.

It’s not Joelinton The mistake that Newcastle forked £ 40m for him, but he still needs to do more for the team. Newcastle fans expect players to work at least hard and they will criticize you when you don’t seem to do so,

Similarly, when Joelinton plays a decent game, it can’t be ignored. Despite what people might argue, Jorington wasn’t the worst player on the pitch against wolves, and the failure to seize that opportunity was due to better defense than a bad finish. did.

Yes, overall Joelinton is overwhelming.

Yes, he looks indifferent many times.

But when Newcastle is looking for someone to offer a goal in the absence of Callum Wilson, is he probably the best option?

I’m not saying that Jorington shouldn’t be criticized. All players should be criticized when they are not playing well or working on the team.

On the other hand, if the overall performance of the team is poor this season, do we need to constantly select Brazilians?

I’m a little uncertain.

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Is Jorington undergoing a fair hearing? Is Jorington undergoing a fair hearing?

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