Is Locket Widget Safe?Take a closer look at virus app privacy concerns

Viral “rocket” apps are everywhere now, but are they safe? The privacy policy and terms of use reveal the following:

rocket Widget is iPhone App No one can stop talking There is no doubt that the app is popularIs it safe to use? Online security is more important than ever. As people spend more time online and continue to share more data about themselves, it is immediately necessary to take digital privacy seriously. Companies have experienced data breaches and malicious individuals are committing countless online scams, which show no immediate signs of slowing down.

At first glance, the rocket looks like a pretty harmless app. Users can download it, add a widget to their home screen, and use it to share their photos with their friends’ home screen.You can easily guess that a rocket is safer Rather than sharing photos on Snapchat Or Twitter. Instead of uploading photos to platforms with millions of other users, rocket-sent images can only be shared with up to 5 contacts.

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So does it make the rocket safe? Yes and no.Staring Rocket privacy policy, The app is very positive about the type of data it collects.All rocket users must enter a phone number and name in “Identify you to other rocket users.” Rockets also require people to share their contacts with the app. This is done to allow people to quickly invite other friends and family to the rocket network.For contacts, the rocket “Don’t save contacts Do not send text messages To friends without explicit permission. ” And of course, the rocket also collects photographic data. The app’s privacy policy focuses primarily on how photos work among users. Photos sent to your friend’s Rocket widget are immediately available, and shared photos cannot be deleted from others’ widgets.Rocket to the user “Be careful” About the types of photos that users share “Work hard to maintain [photo] The data is private and secure. “

Rocket Terms of Service raise serious concerns

Screenshot of rocket terms of use

That all sounds fine, but when it comes to reviewing the Rocket Widget Terms of Service, things get a little more complicated.More specifically, the section titled “Rights You Give Us” There are some warning signs.. Immediately, things look boring enough.Rocket says that user “Keep ownership of the content you had to start with.” However, the rocket will follow up immediately with the following message: “But you allow us [Locket] A license to use that content. “

In the next paragraph below, the rocket details exactly what this means. According to the company “We host, store, cache, use, view, duplicate, modify, adapt, edit, publish, analyze, transmit, and distribute all content sent to the Services to Rocket and its affiliates. ” In other words, the rocket has Open access to all photos shared by users And it can do whatever it wants to do with them.If it’s not worried enough, the rocket will also explain it “We don’t have to do that, but we may access, review, screen, or delete your content at any time for any reason.” And, of course, there is also advertising play that uses all of this.Another section of the Terms of Service describes rockets and their affiliates. “We may place advertisements on the Services, including personalized advertisements based on the information you provide to us, collect or obtain about you.”

Should people continue to use rockets with all this information in mind? It all depends on the level of comfort of each person. Almost all social apps have flattery terms / privacy policies one way or another. All of these apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, have their own rules that can upset someone’s stomach with scrutiny. However, fraudulent activity by other companies does not necessarily give the rocket a free pass. The fact that Locket effectively owns the photos shared through the widget, and the fact that Locket can do whatever it wants with them, is of particular concern.That’s not to say rocket Plans to do anything malicious with that data, but letting the app control your photos so much may not be the best idea.

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Is Locket Widget Safe?Take a closer look at virus app privacy concerns

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