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The biggest off-season question for New Orleans Pelicans is what to do. Lonzo Ball..

Ronzo was an interesting case for Pelicans this season. He shot the ball better than ever and defended well, but missed many games and had some problems with consistency.

I’m hot and cold with Lonzo Ball this season. In a minute he looks like the best player to complement Zion Williamson And to others, it looks like someone who can replace production at a much lower cost.

I explored For Lonzo Ball, New Orleans Pelican has three optionsBut what looks a little more realistic is sign-and-trade.

Much has been said about SnT, but it usually doesn’t happen very often because neither side has the incentive to do it.

Does Sign and Trade Work with Lonzo Ball?

New Orleans Pelican: Lonzo Ball Sign and Trade May Work For Pers

From the perspective of the New Orleans Pelican, sign-and-trade could definitely work for Lonzo Ball.

If Pelicans do not or do not want Ronzo to be a long-term part of their future Pay him $ 20 million each season, And sign-and-trade will allow them to get something for him in the off-season, rather than just letting him walk without doing anything.

Of course, they need to find a suitable player to trade with him, but it can be difficult because they need to make a salary or some contract similar to what the ball signs.

As we have already discovered during the trade deadline, many teams want the ball, but not many teams have what Pers wants in return.

Also, there is little incentive for other teams to help Pels here. Because they can provide more money to Lonzo Ball and keep players.

In theory it would work for Pelicans, but there are some very real obstacles.

New Orleans Pelican: Does Lonzo Ball Sign and Trade?

There will be a motive for Lonzo Ball to sign and trade. Pers can offer him more money and years than anyone else, so he can get the biggest deal, but he can collect it from another team.

However, there are some problems with this. First, Lonzo Ball may not mind getting the maximum number of years. This is because signing a shorter contract allows you to get another maximum contract while you are still in the prime minister.

Also, if Ronzo leaves as a free agent, he can choose a destination. Pers is confident that he will do his best to get him where he wants, but in the end he will only make the best deal, so Ronzo can have more control over his destiny just by leaving the free agent.

Given that sign-and-trade has some major challenges, even if both New Orleans Pelicans and Lonzo Ball could benefit, I can’t see it happening.

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Is Lonzo Ball a sign-and-trade candidate? Is Lonzo Ball a sign-and-trade candidate?

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