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As he continues to recover from his thigh injury, Baltimore Ravens Is WR Marquise Brown playing against Browns today? What’s up to date on Brown’s injury situation, how has he performed so far this season, and what options does Ravens have if he doesn’t play?

Update 11/28/21: According to Ravens, Marquise Brown will be active tonight for a match against Browns.

Is Marquise Brown playing against the Cleveland Browns tonight?

This is the third consecutive week that Brown has appeared. Ravens Injury Report.. In the 10th week he was restricted by a back injury and he had a thigh injury in the last 2 weeks. Brown showed improvement in the 12th week compared to the 11th week. Last week Brown didn’t practice until Friday, but this week he was limited to all three days.

For the 11th week, Ravens excluded Brown on Saturday. After the practice on Friday, Baltimore gave him time to see how the injury reacts to his appearance in the practice. However, Brown’s injury does appear to improve based on reports of injuries.On Sunday morning, ESPN’s Adam Chefter reported: Brown will play on Sunday night Except for setbacks.

Can he finish the strong season in 2021?

Brown is experiencing a breakout season in 2021. His numbers and performance were good for the first two years, but reached a new level in 2021. The third year wide receiver has 52 receptions with 82 targets, 719 yards and 6. Touchdown.

Comparing Brown’s numbers with his first two seasons, the improvement is clear. Brown has averaged more than two receptions per game since the first two seasons (5.8 vs. 3.5). He increased the yard output per game from 45.1 to 79.9. In addition, he is at the pace of recording double-digit touchdowns for the first time in his NFL career. Brown is also moving at a pace of over 1,000 yards for the first time in his career.

If Brown can’t play, what options does Ravens have?

The Ravens WR situation looks quite different from Brown’s first two seasons. They added Sammy Watkins to the outside as a veteran presence. Watkins is the third on the team with 39 targets. But he has been criticized for his performance. Veteran recipients have captured only 56.4% of his targets and have not yet found an end zone.

When Brown was absent in the 11th week, TE Mark Andrews led the team with 10 targets. Andrews is the second target after Brown at 79. Andrews captured 56 targets with 694 yards and four touchdowns.

Rookie WR Rashod Bateman continued to see his standard target number in Brown’s absence last week. He had an average of 7 targets per game entering the 11th week and saw 6 targets against the Chicago Bears. Ravens eased Bateman for the season after being injured during the preseason.

The player who saw his role boosted in the absence of Brown was former Texas Longhorns WR Devin Dubanay. In the tenth week, in 2021, he drew the most targets by 6 and pulled four of them 37 yards. In the previous four games, Duvernay had an average of 2.5 targets per game.

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Is Marquise Brown playing against Browns today? Is Marquise Brown playing against Browns today?

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