Is PlayStation 5-PS5 worth upgrading from PS4?

That’s why the PlayStation 5 is on sale now, and while many have already received pre-orders and are playing the latest games at the highest resolutions and frame rates available on the console, many are still in the cart. I’m delaying in and checking out. Hesitation is normal with new technologies. After all, you already have a perfectly good PS4, right? Is the PS5 really worth a fork of $ 500 for now?

The question of value is difficult to answer and is very individual to each person. As a PlayStation die hard for many years, I always wanted to get one (actually two, one for my wife) anyway. It’s also a kind of work for me, so it affects the value of having it on the first day on a new console. You can read my review of the console to find out more about all the features that are actually in use, but if you haven’t ordered a PS5 yet, the question remains: PS5? Is it worth the upgrade?

There are subtle differences in this question, but I will try to answer this question as much as possible without jumping into your personal finances or personal life.

Is the PS5 worth the upgrade?

Backward compatibility

One of my biggest considerations is backward compatibility. In past console generations, new consoles took more or less clean breaks, leaving behind the old system. If you still have a lot to play on the old console and aren’t very interested in the new console, you could wait to pick it up later.

However, the PS5 is unique in that it’s literally an upgrade, not a complete product change. In most cases, you can run your PS4 game better and take over your PS4 library seamlessly without much effort. Even if you don’t have many PS5 gaming methods you want right away, using PS5 will quickly improve your PS4 library (and you’ll almost certainly be interested in PS5).

In this regard, upgrading to PS5 isn’t a waste, and it doesn’t leave the PS4 library behind and give priority to new consoles. You don’t have to interact with the two consoles to finish the old game.In fact, I play a lot with my PS5 FuserPS4 rhythm game by the creator of rock band And Guitar hero It has just been released. If you’re worried about the PS4 library, don’t worry. With PS5, you can carry everything with you.

Announcing the lineup

Currently, the release lineup of PS5 games is quite small. A good number of games are cross-generation and will also appear on PS4. Among them, many also offer free upgrades to the PS5 version, in case you decide to upgrade.There are some limited monopolies, such as pre-installed Astro playroom And blue point Demon’s Soul I’ll remake it, but most of the time, nothing needs a PS5 to play right now.

Games like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Sackboy: Great Adventure, Bugsnax, Assassin’s Creed Valhara,and Watch Dogs Legion All of these are available on the PS4, but they also play and look much better on the PS5. Many of these games can also take over the saves, but if you want to play the best versions of these games right away, it’s worth choosing a new system.

Load time

To be honest, aside from the visuals, one of the biggest elements of the next generation game that impressed me was the short loading times of all. It’s amazing how much time you’ve wasted in the past on long loading screens. I instinctively picked up my cell phone while playing the PS5, but I never had the chance to actually see it. Even the latest generation of games played through backward compatibility has the benefit of faster loading times. This feature alone is worth the upgrade.

Storage expansion and other optimizations

One of the only reasons I say it’s not worth the upgrade yet is Sony’s delay in factors such as storage expansion, menu configuration options, and improved 3D audio capabilities. The PS5 is currently in its infancy and there is no doubt that many features and optimizations will be made next year or so. I personally already have an SSD storage space limit and already need a promised storage expansion option that isn’t here yet. I’m already frustrated with how the game is pushed from the main dashboard. And 3D audio isn’t as revolutionary as it first seemed. Of course, if Sony is waiting for the console to be “perfect,” it will be waiting forever.

DualSense controller

One point that strongly supports the upgrade? Innovative DualSense controller. DualSense actually changes the way the game is played, not just the look and performance of the game feel Play the game.Weapon Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Thanks to adaptive triggers and tactile feedback, each feels different. Astro playroom Is one of the most enjoyable sensory experiences based solely on the controller implementation.

Dual sense face button

Sure, it may not have much of an impact on older PS4 games (some games like The Last of Us Part II and God of War have updates that take advantage of Dual Sense), but these generations of PS5s. For dedicated games, the only thing worth playing on the PS5 is how they played. Yes, that’s a big enough difference to guarantee a brand new console.

Verdict-Is the PS5 worth it?

PS5 is one of the most powerful debates for early adoption of older consoles, primarily due to backward compatibility with PS4 games. There are virtually no downsides to upgrading, so if you have the money, it’s worth jumping in and riding with. Never leave the PS4 library behind. Also, virtually everything is better than the previous generation, with the exception of some minor elements that are sure to be fixed soon. There is almost no friction when moving from PS4 to PS5.

In a PS5 review, he said this was one of the most meaningful evolutions for the game we’ve ever experienced. It’s a great opportunity to join the new console on the ground floor without leaving the previous generation behind, while reducing load times, dualSense controllers, and maintaining a PSN profile throughout the PS ecosystem. It’s certainly not an immediate upgrade. Keeping the PS4 for another year has some drawbacks (Sony plans to support the PS4 for at least another two years), but it’s easy to solve if you have the money to spend on the new console. The PS5 claims it’s worth the upgrade whenever it can.

Are you one of those who are still postponing the acquisition of PS5? Please tell us the reason in the comments below. Do you already have a PS5? In the comments, let people know why it’s worth (or not) to upgrade.

PlayStation 5 – Is the PS5 Worth the Upgrade?

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