Is There A Best Time To Drink Milk? Know The Fact

Milk renowned as complete food forms an integral part of a diet that supports growth and overall well-being. It is often relished as a wholesome beverage or melded with fresh fruits, nuts, and spices to make delicious desserts, smoothies, immune-boosting khaada and curries as well. Packed with a phelothra of essential nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins A, B, D and minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, milk is valued as one of the healthiest beverages one can have for maintaining good health status.

Milk holds a special place in holistic medicine of Ayurveda for its impressive nutritional profile and health benefitting properties. As per the traditional Ayurveda medicine, to reap most of the health benefits of milk, one should know the best time to drink it.

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Ayurveda’s Recommendation

According to Ayurveda school of thought milk is considered to be sleep-inducing and best consumed at night when the system requires to calm down and swap from being active to be relaxed. Make this as a part of the bedtime routine and you will find the body has created a complete turndown process which guarantees the system to establish a perfect rhythm and sustain a balance of energies pertaining to Ayurveda philosophy. With the balance of doshas, you can boost overall health and vitality.

The holistic science of Ayurveda manuscripts suggests everyone consume milk, except a person who is allergic to it. For growing kids and adults who wants to gain muscle mass and stamina it beneficial to take milk first thing in the morning. While for all others it’s best to have milk in between evening to night time.

Benefits of Drinking Milk At Night

Consuming milk at night stimulates Ojas, which is referred to as a state in Ayurveda where the system attains proper digestion. While milk is also known to possess sedative characteristics, thus drinking milk at bedtime can soothe the nervous system and serotonin content in milk will help you get a good quality sleep. Aside these, the calcium absorption from milk is better at night owing to minimal enzyme reactions and least wear and tear activity.

Well, don’t be suprised to know that Ayurveda forbids taking milk in the form of milkshakes when made with mangoes, bananas, melons and other sour fruits, as this can reduce Agni (gastric fire) and alter the intestinal flora resulting in toxins build up that make cause sinus congestion, cold, cough, allergies, rashes and hives.

Does Timing Really Matter?

In specific instances, drinking milk at a certain time may help you to confer most of its wellness incentives. However, as per the scientific evidence there is no perfect time to drink milk for digestive purposes. Some of the benefits of drinking milk during the day include:

Promotes Overall Health

Milk offers a huge array of health benefitting nutrients, hence drinking a glass of milk at mealtime is an easy way to incorporate to your diet. A cup of milk is laden with protein, fat, carbs, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D all of which supports normal bone growth and development, while magnesium and potassium are important to control blood pressure. This wholesome and versatile drink is low on calories and high in protein that helps to maintain good health condition.

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Weight Loss/Muscle Mass

The goodness of essential amino acids in milk makes it a complete source of protein that supports weight loss as well as build muscle mass. Protein-rich foods like milk promote weight loss by triggering metabolism and keep you satiated after meals, which may reduce daily calorie intake. Apart from this, drinking a glass of milk post workouts stimulates muscle growth and body composition. However, drinking excessive amounts of full-fat milk may lead to weight gain due to high calorie and fat content.


Well, there’s no recommended time to drink milk to foster its overall health benefits. However, Ayurveda manuscripts since ages has backed the idea of having milk during the night for its potent digestive and sedative characteristics. Hence, never miss out on having this nutritious beverage as it offers a ton of health benefits for the body.

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