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Brooklyn Nets seems ready to insist Blake Griffin When he cleared the exemption on Sunday afternoon.He was Acquired by Detroit Pistons On Friday, he seems to have his choice of candidates to join.

With the exception of the net, teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, Golden State Warriors, and Miami Heat are all rumored to be interested in his service, but Brooklyn sounds like his first choice. From this fact, it’s clear that Griffin believes Net is a leading candidate for the NBA Championship.

Can Blake Griffin have another revival for Brooklyn Nets?

In mid-February, Griffin and Pistons agreed to remove him from the lineup while the organization was finding a way to send him to his team of choice. Given the enormous nature of his contract, trading him was unacceptable. Instead, Griffin returned about $ 13.3 million of his remaining $ 56.8 million in salary to be released.

Net is pursuing because he believes he can help him reach their goal of winning the NBA Championship, but he wasn’t a positive contributor to the Pistons and was removed from the lineup. It’s important to remember that. After all, it didn’t make sense to keep squeezing productive young players out of rotation for the bad 35 minutes of Blake Griffin every night.

All teams interested in his service will point out the resurgence Nicolas Batum had for the LA Clippers. Batum had been bad for years at the Charlotte Hornets, who eventually extended and abandoned his contract to sign Gordon Hayward. The Clippers have kept him to a minimum, and Batum has been excellent ever since.

It’s worth noting that the last good season for Batum and Griffin was 2018-19 (though not important). Especially prosperous in long-distance relationships, last season was a disaster for both parties. In the case of Griffin, he suffered a knee injury in late 2018-19 and was unable to recover.

He missed the start of 2019-20 and was shut down shortly after Christmas. The Pistons season didn’t start until December 23, so he spent almost a year between NBA games.

This season he showed several flashes of the 2018-19 Gunslinger, which almost set the Pistons 3-point shooting record, but not enough to justify keeping him on the floor. After shooting 24.3 percent from long range last season, he has shot only 31.5 percent this season.

Blake Griffin’s defenses are at best inferior, and the Brooklyn Nets team, which no one can stop already, is not going to benefit from his presence. It’s not a matter of effort, Griffin can’t just move left or right or jump. That is evidenced by the fact that he hasn’t dunk since 2019.

It will be difficult for Griffin to be a positive contributor to Brooklyn Nets, or anywhere else in that regard. His maneuverability and defense are zero and he is only a threat of scoring from the 3-point line. He might benefit from playing the ball with James Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but if he could regain that three-point stroke for a few years now.

Griffin is also a great playmaker, despite other hardships. He has an outstanding court vision and can benefit from having a trio of superstars around him.

You shouldn’t assume that Griffin can’t get to the floor with Nets, but don’t misunderstand that he could be the missing part to put them on. He is not sandbags in Detroit and is not wandering in bad circumstances. After a year off due to injury, it’s not a way for professionals like Blake Griffin to get back into action.

He may find new sparks in Brooklyn, and hopefully it’s enough to make him positive.

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Is there another revival left for Blake Griffin? Is there another revival left for Blake Griffin?

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