Isaac Legend: Repentance Begins on Steam at the End of March 2021

The final DLC for the roguelike game The Binding of Isaac has a solid release date. Isaac’s Legend: Repentance Makes Steam Graceful on March 31, 2021.

The date was revealed in a gorgeous new trailer full of nods to the history of indie games, preparing for the final horrifying attempt to help Isaac escape the hands of the murderer’s mother. The mammoth sequel includes over 130 items, 100 enemies, 25 bosses, and 5,000 new rooms. Creator Edmund McMillen previously wanted the team to be able to release the game by the end of 2020, but it wasn’t. Considering all of the year, it was only three months late.

“I and the team are very excited that this beast will finally get out of the deep sea and consume all of its awakening time over the next few years,” Edmund wrote in Steam’s accompanying blog. “We want to perfect all its features and make the tests a bit more detailed than the last small, unnamed release.” Eleven more blogs have been posted between now and launch. Explore the features and additional features you can expect before the player jumps in.

Repentance is a translation of The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, a popular mod that many consider to be an unofficial DLC for action-adventure games. McMillen announced that it will be a formal extension in September 2018 and has worked with the remodeling team to make a full-scale release.

The trailer is as follows:

This is the Steam page, the best horror game to make it easy to spend time.

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