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UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya Marvin Vettori may not enjoy being in front of each other without breaking each other in his mouth, but they are in the same company of fast speakers who love to dress up suspicious people is.

so UFC 263, Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori will fight for the second time in a rematch for the first time in three years. Some might say that Vettori is unlikely to reach the top after losing to Adesanya and being considered only a level 2 boss in the last style vendor’s adventure. Those people would be right.

Vettori, who lost to Adesanya, became the poster boy of the week with suspicious scorecards, more than a candidate for a future title battle.Throw in USADA outage Later that year, and Vettori’s consideration as a big prospect was thrown into the quagmire.

After three years and five wins, Vettori is at the forefront of the big pay-per-view main event, jumping at the opportunity to scream at each face if the palatable Italian has a chance. Each one of his denials like a meat headlinebacker after a big bag.

Marvin Vettori (Photo: Chris Unger / Zuffa)

Even Israel Adesanya himself wrote down Vettori twice, once for himself and once for Vettori himself, and deep within the Italians himself, he would never be in a position comparable to him. He said he knew that. The champion theorized that this is why Vettori always reminds us of a fateful night in Glendale, Arizona three years ago. There, the judge’s scorecard opposed Vettori’s declaration of results.

But Adesanya and all those who agreed with the concept were wrong. Vettori is now in a position to scream at his allegations and declarative statements about odds by becoming the first Italian champion in UFC history.

The rematch between Adesanya and Vettori will soon be back, as fate has it Exactly the same settings After giving Vettori all the details he needed to go back in time, and now after more practice, like a video game player who hits a reset after he first failed in their first act. Ready to defeat the big and bad boss again.

Israel Adesanya
Israel Adesanya, Credit: Andy Brownbill / Associated Press

For Israel Adesanya, he has always claimed to be Player 1. This is his game and his story. And part of the game featured Izzy surfing his allegations in a cursing wave as he coasted all the way to middleweight gold.

When Izzy first arrived on the scene and began to gain immediate media awareness, he was just another hype train, a one-dimensional kickboxer who eventually hit an unprepared level. There was a common belief that. Adesanya was not always shy about reminding his denials how wrong they were after dispelling the story after the story.

But the truth of the matter is that Israel Adesanya closed as an odds-on favorite in all of his UFC fights. So it wasn’t possible that the book would oppose him. And every athlete in every sport at every level has somehow dealt with suspicion. However, some athletes seem to be satisfied by keeping out suspicious players, including both Adesanya and Vettori.

This rematch introduces Israel Adesanya, and Marvin Vettori offers another opportunity to feel the sweet joy that accompanies defeating their allegations. For Adesanya, much of his suspicion is now within his own division, and there is growing belief that light heavyweight champion Jan Blawowic has presented a blueprint on how to defeat him.

In UFC 263, Israel Adesanya seeks to counter anyone attacking his skill set, claiming he was exposed. The flashy stars appear to dance throughout the story, raising their arms after dazzling movements. Interfering with him is a hardhead from Italian Trent, who silences his own alleged crowd in this fighting game and is the final level of all their lead bosses and MMA middleweight difficulty. Starts and ends with a style vendor.

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Israel Adesanya, Marvin Vettori, and their favorite games win Israel Adesanya, Marvin Vettori, and their favorite games win

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