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Israel Adesanya I was watching Alex pereiraOctagon debut UFC 268 – And it went as he expected.

That is not an exaggeration either.Adesanya (21-1 MMA, 10-1 UFC) called Pereira (4-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) Finish Andreas Mihairidis on your knees In a middleweight match last Saturday at Madison Square Garden.

Usually, Adesanya’s thoughts on fighters that made his debut in his division are not of particular news value. However, Pereira is a unique case, as she has won two kickboxing wins in the UFC’s current £ 185 kickboxing and one is the only knockout defeat in Adesanya’s martial arts career.

Adesanya’s new UFC 268 reaction video Personal youtube channel, He shared his footage of watching the fight live. There, Pereira landed a flying knee knockout at the 0:18 mark in Round 2 after attempting a takedown in the first round.

“It’s very similar to me and (Derek) Brunson. He’s afraid of hitting because he’s trying to find a way (to beat him),” Adesanya said. “Straight knees in a timely manner because I know he’s going to shoot. Van. That’s it. I thought he was going to do it when he shot, but he I thought I wasn’t going to fly towards him. “

Pereira, 34, was repeatedly asked about fighting Adesanya, 32, at the UFC before her debut.He became humble and his The only goal is to win the title.. As a result of pursuing that dream, if you happen to cross the road with the “last style vendor”, I hope you can face the enemy in front of you again.

It’s still unclear how UFC matchmakers will treat Pereira in the future. Adesanya agrees with one of his friends in the video, and Pereira, such as Branson and Marvin Vettori, is still fighting five MMA battles despite extensive kickboxing experience, including the Glory title. Said that it would raise stylistic issues.

However, the champion seems to want Pereira to be successful. Adesanya will lift the title defense against Vettori at UFC 263 in June and, although unofficially, will rematch with Robert Whittaker in February.

Pereira represents fresh blood, and given his history with Adesanya, he creates a compelling story as a challenger. When Pereira conducted a post-combat interview with Joe Rogan, Adesanya rubbed his finger in a money-making move, and he revealed that it was what he wanted.

“We talked about this as it was two days ago,” Adesanya said. “I need something new, especially after you wrap the division again …. Pereira, thank you. One thing I’ve noticed is that everyone always holds that victory. I hope he works. I hope he works through the ranks. In the next four fights I want to see him. They show you a knockout But they don’t show you what happened before the finish. I hurt him, but I was soaked in the thoughts of others, so I just throw (by hand) But that was when I was young. No, now it’s not. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. “

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Israel Adesanya wants MMA to rematch Alex Pereira Israel Adesanya wants MMA to rematch Alex Pereira

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