It is rumored that Half-Life 3 is under development again

Half-Life 3 is rumored to be working again at Valve Corporation. This is a claim made dozens of times in most of the last 15 years, but after Half-Life: Alyx was released in early 2020, many fans could end Half-Life 3 someday. I found a new hope. Come. And while it’s still unclear if the game will really see the light of day, one of the reputed valve insiders has revealed that the project is working with some ability.

In a recent video by Tyler McVicker, who is often the exact insider for all of the valves, Half-Life 3 is said to be currently being developed within Valve. “At the time of this recording, there is a very minor group working on Half-Life 3,” McVicker said in a footnote comment in the video above. And while this news may be enough to excite fans at face value, McVicker warns against this.

McVicker elaborated on the entire project and said the size of the team that seems to be working on Half-Life 3 is very small. As a company, Valve seems to be much more focused on projects such as Steam Deck at this time. In other words, the Half-Life 3 development team is basically unresourced. In fact, McVicker may not be considered a “value-creating” employee who is also a studio member working on the game. This means that seniors in the company can eventually crush the project.

It has been well documented in the past that valves are configured to give employees creative freedom to work on what they find beneficial. As a result, Half-Life 3 development is said to have faded out for some reason after being started multiple times in-house over the years. It’s still unclear if this new effort to develop Half-Life 3 will end soon, but it still seems to be a disappointment.

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