It turns out that an unknown Sally plane can be found on our last multiplayer map

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Former Naughty Dog developer Rodney Reese recently posted a Sally plane on Twitter. unknown Can be found at Last of Us. And based on how people react to it, this seems to be something no one has ever noticed. Probably because they were too busy to survive.

The plane has certainly seen a good day, but the plane can be found at the level “beach”. According to Reese, Currently working at Respawn Apex Legend, Plane assets were pulled directly from the beginning unknown.. He then “crushed it into pieces” and stuck at the multiplayer level. And sitting there, no one seems to have noticed it ever since.

Before you start pulling out the red string-covered corkboard, get ready to add a photo of Elly and Nate to “”.unknown And Last of us Reece, a “connected” theory, points out that this is not the norm. Just a fun Easter egg and nods to the studio past.

Easter eggs and references are a fun secret and may not be part of some elaborate plans for connecting multiple games, books, or TV shows together. For example, the name of Sully’s plane is “Hog Wildunknown..This is a nod to the level from Crash Bandicoot.. This does not mean that Crash and Nate will fight clickers together in the future. I will play that game even if I think about it now.

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