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Julie Davis

Broker | Earth Advantage | ADU Specialist


Julie Davis believes that finding a home is a story we wrote ourselves. For Julie, finding a home explains how the buying process itself reveals our style, tastes and priorities. Not to mention “just right,” according to Julia and Evelyn, two of Julie’s happy homeowners. Her clients call Julie an intuitive agent, an investment-savvy realtor, and a strategic negotiator. But Julie defines her success in simpler terms. “Helping clients find a home means fostering a process of discovering what a home means to them.” As Portland REALTOR® with Living Room Reality, buyers and sellers Not only receives a reliable guide, but also an agent with in-depth knowledge to maintain the integrity of the home. According to Julie, her prestigious homebuilding education began years before her real estate career began when she worked with activists dedicated to the preservation and restoration of old Portland homes. .. She is currently at the forefront of real estate in Earth Advantage training and ADU specializations. She has the expertise she uses daily to support clients navigating together in the fast-growing real estate market in the Portland region. From growing up on a rural dairy farm in Oregon to living in the Roseway district of northeastern Portland today, Julie’s enthusiasm for the Portland region has influenced the work of buyers and sellers. First-time homebuyers like Sarah, who bought a home on a single income and a specific budget, have strong bargaining skills with Julie by buying her half-acre farm in the Gilbert Park district of East Portland. I admit. Sarah sought an assistant who often criticized her choice after breaking up with the first realtor who relied on her assistant to show her future home. She also looked for a REALTOR® that could be an advocate. “Julie worked very hard for me,” says Sarah, who knows Julie saved her thousands of dollars in home repairs. When buyers Evelyn and Julia face REALTOR® frustration that is not available to sellers after the end of sale, Julie’s ability to build positive partnerships with the sellers themselves relieves frustration while at the same time. Reduced the stress of major movements and subsequent refurbishments. Evelyn and Julia. Her clients routinely emphasize Julie’s unwavering calm in conducting an exciting and stressful buying and selling process, but Julia not only is Julie’s strength in personality, but also a good business. It states that. She keeps in mind that real estate is a business and it can be difficult for people, but in the end it’s an investment. And Debbie, a client who both bought and sold under Julie’s guidance, hired Julie for her impressive personality, in addition to her emotional balance. “I thought I needed someone who could handle me well and someone I could trust. The easiest way to lose me in a financial transaction is to put pressure on me,” says Debbie. Julie understands that clients (buyers, sellers, investors) need expertise other than herself and has a knowledge network of professionals such as construction professionals, home inspectors and financial professionals. I’m building. Her clients refer to Julie’s “Amazing Team”, a group of experienced and trusted female contractors and home inspectors who have come together to support them throughout the buying and selling process. Julie not only builds a strong team, but also provides clients with the opportunity to meet highly talented female entrepreneurs. Having worked as a community activist for over 25 years, her work as Portland REALTOR®, Founding Executive Director of Basic Lights, Oregon, is a natural extension of her advocacy life and an activist who protects everyone’s basic rights. Today, her clients and colleagues are regular beneficiaries of these amazing crossover skills. When it comes to defining what a home means to each and every one, Julie brings a dedicated worldview that clients experience over and over again. This is best summarized by Julie’s own belief that “everyone deserves to be called a home.”

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It was published!Summerfield Foundation Condo It was published!Summerfield Foundation Condo

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