Italy spreads the curb of the virus, delaying the start of high school

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Italy postponed high school return on Tuesday as part of a new coronavirus restriction. Charities have warned that thousands of students have dropped out after months of distance learning.

Teens return to class on January 11th instead of January 7th when their young children return to school, but due to new government orders, they still have only half the time.

Many regions are facing further delays as some regions have already decided to postpone their high school return until the end of January and have determined that the risk is too high.

Italian teens have only attended face-to-face classes for several months in the past year due to the blockade of spring and the additional restrictions imposed at the beginning of the second wave of autumn.

Italy is one of the countries most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, killing more than 75,000 people so far.

Charity Save the Children warned on Tuesday that the pandemic had “seriously affected” the lives of millions of young people, saying distance education caused “probably irreparable damage.” ..

In a survey of 14-18 years old, 28% said they had at least one classmate who stopped attending classes and warned that tens of thousands of school students could drop out.

The 1,000 teens surveyed cited the difficulty of connecting online and lack of concentration, with 37% saying their learning abilities were adversely affected.

Save the Children also warned about the technology needed to work online and the risks to children who do not have the space at home.

Rafaela Milano, Director of Italy and Europe, said:

The government also extended the ban on inter-regional travel until January 15 and confirmed that bars and restaurants would remain closed on the weekends of January 9 and 10.

The whole of Italy was placed in a high-risk “red zone” for most of Christmas and New Year until January 6th.

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