Games’s Second Creator Day Brings Developers 100% Revenue’s second Creator Day is here, starting 24 hours in a row where all revenue from game sales goes directly to the people who made the game. This initiative will begin at midnight PT on Friday, July 23, and will run 24 hours a day. So it’s time to buy the game.

This is the second time an indie-focused game distribution platform has run Creator Day, and the first platform will be released on May 14, this year. Creators who list games or game development assets for sale on will receive the full amount of all sales throughout the day after paying taxes and third-party fees.

“Because creators are the backbone of everything we do, Creator Days is our way to give back to those who enable,” said the event announcement. The platform also encouraged creators to take advantage of the day by sharing their work and hosting sales.

Whether you already have some games on your wishlist or want to find a new one on the platform homepage, it’s a great day to buy a new one.

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