“It’s hard to imagine Roger Federer getting more slams,” the legend says. – Tennis Sports

They found him in the heat of Dubai and landed on the Hyatt Regency Creek hard court on December 15th, attempting a backhand reaction with Ivan Ljubicic. A slightly receded hairline, even closer to his 40th birthday (August 8, 2021) and the expiration date of the spell over 20 years.

But always Roger Federer. And that was enough to rekindle the fibrilization of followers against the tennis season re-starting in Florida (Delray Beach, which offers Andy a wild card)-a 15-second video that went around the world instantly-Murray, Another dinosaur with a titanium hip that survived extinction) and Turkey (both Matteo Berrettini and Jannik Sinner play in Antalya: they double play together), two ATPs in new tennis in the foam The 250 wants not to explode.

However, the illusion did not last long. The Swiss master will not fly to the Australian Open. “He made preparations, but after discussions with the team, he decided he wasn’t ready to return,” champion historic manager Tony Godsick told AP on Sunday night.

Federer will miss the first slam of the season after participating 21 times in a row. This is the third major he is absent from. Melbourne’s Grand Slam, postponed for three weeks from the pandemic (fixed February 8-21), had a very complex origin and relied heavily on the presence of the most beloved tennis player. That’s too bad.

In a recent interview, former world No. 6 Nikolapirich elaborated on these setbacks on Roger Federer’s legacy. The 81-year-old commented that given how fierce the competition was during the twilight year on the tour, the world’s fifth-ranked would find it “very difficult” to beat the slam anymore. It was.

Roger Federer’s Heritage Pirates

“It’s hard to imagine Roger Federer winning one or two more Grand Slams,” said Nikola Pilić. “I’m not saying he can’t, but it would be very difficult. He now has the constellations of young players in addition to the two great Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal: Zverev. , Medvedev, Thiem, and he is also 39 years old.

In my opinion, GOAT races have been reduced to two names. At this point, Novak Djokovic doesn’t hold the record for most weeks, as the world’s best or most slums have won. “Yes (Novak Djokovic is not), either record is available).

But it’s not clear why weeks are underestimated in the first place, especially in the Western media, “Pirrick said. “If you had a player for more than 300 weeks in the first place, it was him dominant and unchanging for 10 years. Isn’t that a great achievement?”

– Tennis Sports

“It’s hard to imagine Roger Federer getting more slams,” the legend says. “It’s hard to imagine Roger Federer getting more slams,” the legend says.

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