It’s No Moon Entertainment is a new “AAA Independent” studio-

That’s No Moon Entertainment is a new studio formed by veterans such as Naughty Dog and Bungie.

The studio creates “AAA-independent” games and invests over $ 100 million from the company behind it, Smilegate. Cross-fire..

According to the press release, “The debut project will be an ambitious and new action-adventure game.” Moreover, this debut game will clearly “push the limits of both gameplay and story.”

Its creative director is Taylor Kurosaki, who previously worked for Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog. The remaining members of the team include Sony Santa Monica, EA, and PlayStation talent.

Harold Kim, Vice President of Business Development at Smilegate, has issued a statement about the collaboration. “Smilegate is excited to collaborate with storytellers and game makers on That’s No Moon,” he said.

Meanwhile, That’s No Moon CEO Michael Mumbaur has set out his high vision for the studio. Mission? Simple: “Define our medium and create unforgettable stories and characters that extend beyond.”

There are no specific details yet for the studio’s first project, other than an action-adventure. We’ll have to wait for us to find out how it pushes the boundaries of gameplay and story. But a team of keen talent and deep financial support is an exciting prospect.

Please check Click here for the new studio website..

That’s No Moon Entertainment is a new “AAA independent” studio

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