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Hope for the future Jon JonesIsrael Adesanya Super Fight went up in smoke UFC 259..

The bid for Adesanya to become the second division champion failed on Saturday night. He made a unanimous decision to rule a £ 205 king. Jan Blawowic In the evening headliner at UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Despite being a weak man, Blawic took control of the contest in the championship round through takedowns and top controls to retain his title and win again.

Not surprisingly, Jones was an interested observer in the minutes and couldn’t resist taking a few shots at Adesanya on Twitter. The two stars have been coming and going in the media for potential battles in recent months, and Adesanya, who defeated Blawic, would have been the clearest path to such a battle.

The dream seems dead now.

“Yes, don’t worry, it’s not even worth my time,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “If you ever wrote to me that you were talking about Izzy, slap yourself.”

Meanwhile, Jones will continue to focus on his heavyweight debut. The Jacksons Wink MMA prominent players are expected to face clashes with the winners of the UFC 260 Championship. Steepemioch And Francis Ngannou Later this year.

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“It’s not even worth my time” “It’s not even worth my time”

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