It’s really a neat little game about screaming to boil my piss

Screenshot of That Really Boils My Piss

screenshot: It really brings my piss to a boil

It really brings my piss to a boil Is a neat little game that screams and emanates in the most direct and cathartic way you can imagine frustration in the office.

The game is very simple. Just enter the room, hold the keyboard and move around, and when you feel like it, yell into the microphone. And then the audio will play in-game and everything in that path will be blown away. Eat shit, Steve from your account, as you fall forever into the endless black of the universe.

Here’s an official summary from the author Helen O’Dell:

Have you ever been frustrated just wanting to scream? me too!

But it’s generally not socially acceptable or effective, so I made this toy to solve some of that anger.

Use the arrow keys to move and use the mic to scream everything until everything is gone and you have a nice float. (If you don’t want to scream, that kind of thing beats the point, but you can get almost the same effect by blowing or tapping the mic.)

You need a keyboard and microphone for playback!

Things get a little clunky because this is a very ongoing work done by a solo developer (with lots of help and advice). Beware of sparse updates as I will polish and edit this whenever I’m curious!

(Important note: This build doesn’t work at 100% time, but you can run alt + F4 and try again)

Please note the “doesn’t work” advice. The first time I tried it didn’t work at all, but the second time it worked fine. And if you dig it, here are some backgrounds of the game It contains very cool art for playable characters.

You can play games here..

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