It’s the beginning of the end of Birdes

Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and Felix Solis will return in 2022. Welcome to Ozark Season 4. Usually set in Missouri, after the shocking murder of Helen Pierce in Mexico, the first look at Season 4 returns to the end of Season 3. Now you can easily see what happens after that event.

The trailer begins with a vast Skycam filming a small town in Mexico.Since the celebration is taking place outside, a completely different scene is unfolding inside Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.. Birdes is shocked, panicked, awkward, washed away after just witnessing, and probably feels guilty about it as well. The couple silently flushes the blood on their faces. Bateman turns to Linny to pay attention to the spot above her head, and then we hear a click on the door, and the couple stops and directs their attention to the source of noise. increase.Learn that the screen will fade out and part 1 and part 2 of the new season will be available Netflix In 2022.

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There is Many theories of Ozark Season 4But one of the big questions that everyone wants to answer in Season 4 is why Omar Navarro called for the killing of Helen, a cartel lawyer played by Janet McTeer instead of Birdes. I hope the answer will be resolved in the first moment of the new season, but it’s no exaggeration to say that the answer may come down to one thing: the family. I’ve never seen a corpse, but it seems that Tom Pelphrey’s Ben Davis was killed in Season 3. Fans aren’t sure Ben is really dead because he has no body. action.

Throughout the series, as with many other series that result in cartels, dubious family businesses, and other sneaky crimes, the focus is always on the family. Navarro is aware that extended families cannot be kept safe, but children can be kept safe. It is this emotion that gives Wendy the greatest sound. Wendy may have proved to Navarro that keeping her husband and children safe is as easy as possible in the life of a cartel money launderer, but she is her brother for a “mission”. Was willing to sacrifice. When Wendy made a shocking call to let Ben unleash, this may have proved to Navarro the link that Birdes was willing to do for him and each other.

Another big question that may need to be confirmed is who killed Helen. It may not be an exaggeration to say that it was Nelson. He is the only one wearing a black shirt, and when he lifts his hand and shoots a gun, this shirt goes into the frame. The gun that delivers the deadly headshot to Helen is the same gun he uses throughout the series. The answer is probably Nelson, but isn’t it fun to throw a fan into the loop and find out that perp is someone else? Perhaps this is when Ben is still alive (I think I’m still suspicious), elicits revenge on Helen, and probably doesn’t realize that Wendy was the first to call. A place where you can go back.

Regardless of the question, I hope that the video of the event will increase as we get closer to the event. Super Large Season 4 Release.. The release date hasn’t been announced, but it’s not surprising that Season 4 could end around that time, as the third season ended on March 25th of this year. Judging from the results of the first three seasons, I can’t wait for the twists and turns of Season 4. See you in 2022 Welcome to Ozark..

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It’s the beginning of the end of Birdes

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