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The Toronto Raptors have begun the NBA season with 0-3, the third time in franchise history. This is the main reason Nick Nurse seems to lack confidence in the bench unit.

Toronto Raptors Fans are not used to this kind of start. Since 2013, the Raptors have been consistently competitive at the Eastern Conference and often get out of the gate quickly. With Ibaka and Gasol defeated and no major signing back, some fans began to worry about the future, especially this season. Only three games participated in the campaign, and it’s too early to hit the emergency button completely, but in the first few outings, some of the pre-season concerns may not have been misguided. Is shown.

There are several reasons why the Raptors are at 0-3. To the starter, the starter itself declined in all three-quarter quarters, as the attacks in the second half of the game seemed exhausted. Siakam needs to be much better personally. Shoot fewer threes, attack more baskets, and that’s advice that everyone on the team can follow. Toronto has settled on too many long range shots, and even after missing most of them, it still seems afraid to get into the basket and pull a foul.

These are all major factors in the Raptors struggle, but their biggest concern is the rotation that Nick Nurse is performing. In this successful Masaiujiri era, the Raptors are known for having deep benches and allowing unproven players to find minutes and name themselves.

But this year, the nurses are so tight in rotation that they can’t keep the bench player on long enough and can make suspicious decisions about who to give the minutes to, all in the case of Malaki Flynn.

Without traditional superstars, the Toronto Raptors would have to rely on coaching and depth to win basketball games, so the bench will now need to be reintroduced as an important part of the team. This article describes the key names that you need to tinker with to achieve this.

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It’s time for Nick Nurse to tinker with the rotation It’s time for Nick Nurse to tinker with the rotation

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