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Hyrule Warriors had some interesting points about it compared to the main series of The Legend of Zelda games. It saw High Rule acting as a wider Zelda multiverse tie thanks to another new link, Zelda, Ganon, and the sorcerer Shea pulling fragments from the other world. Some of their characters have been dragged in considerable amounts.

Most importantly, Hyrule Warriors has raised one of the most powerful debates about the potential for female links to appear in future Zelda games. It started with a girl who overslept and woke up to realize that Hyrule Castle was in trouble. A girl with a magical gold compass engraved with the ancient symbols of Hyrule – Wrinkle.

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Linkle, when you think about it, brings an interesting turning point for the entire series. She starts out as a kind of Comic Relief character, but gets lost because she believes she’s a reborn legendary hero and only gets involved first. But she is undeniably heroic when she sees what she has achieved in her adventures through the high rules scattered with other pieces of reality in the world.

She rescues some of Hyrule’s well-known faces and locations, including the Great Deck Tree, with the help of Cuccos, a creature that Link herself could never tame or defeat. I will. She steps into the plate, saving Hyrule Castle itself from the invasion of monsters, and the “true” heroes and Zelda are looking for a portal to another world somewhere, or just as mediocre. ..

Also, if more evidence is needed for her value as a Hyrule hero and advocate, Wrinkle can easily and stylishly wield a dual-handed crossbow in a major conflict. There is irrefutable evidence in the form of the 2007 Wii spin-off, Link’s Crossbow Training. That is, even the supposed glorious “hero chosen by the gods” can only be used one at a time and is very poor.

It may depend on the skill of the game, but I’m a digression.

Hyrule Warriors and its new sequel, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, are full of very powerful female characters, and anyone can save only Hyrule. Hyrule Warriors Impa and a giant blade that summons water, or Urbossa, who is familiar with Hyrule Warriors lightning, are just two examples of disaster times. So a “hero” is always a man.

That said, the myths surrounding “heroes” are always called men, no matter how repetitive they are. In Wind Tact, the main character who defeated Ganon in the opening sequence is called “a boy dressed in green.” In Ocarina of Time, the prophecy states that “the hero is destined to appear … and only he must face the one who started the catastrophe.”

Therefore, there is evidence to support that Link is always a “boy dressed in green”. At least for the most part. However, legends and myths are capricious mistresses and rarely reflect the truth of the event. After all, we’ve attributed all the phenomena to the gods who lived in easily expandable mountains that we didn’t expect to climb, but in the sense that they existed. There is none.

It can be suggested that the stories that underpin Zelda’s myths, like all other stories, change over time and change at the time of delivery. Let’s say the beginning of the wind tact is the story that my grandmother told Link. She can easily tweak the details to inspire a young chap in lobster pajamas, just as the story of the hero was told to Wrinkle. Inspire her.

It is true that the legend that the main character is a boy forms a tradition on Outset Island, but the expression of this legend may not be exactly similar to the original story. After all, if the link in this story is “Hero of Time,” many of the very important details have been omitted for brevity. Who would have been the main character if he had not experienced this story for himself?

This is the point. The Legend of Zelda can be anyone.

The only real prerequisite for becoming a hero is to be chosen by the gods or goddesses, depending on the game. Whether this is due to a link to a triforce that resembles the hero of Link’s Adventure, or directed to the Master Sword, you need to be chosen to be a hero. Everything else is just additional fluff, like the king’s help or other such nonsense.

But what does this have to do with Linkle? Well, it could even claim that her actions were set by the goddess herself for her compass. In Hyrule Warriors, this object was inherited from her grandmother and had some power to repel evil. This was seen early in her adventure when Skullkid encountered when trying to steal an item from her.

Wrinkle had only faith Girlfriend Despite being the protagonist and her compass, she still saved Hyrule from the disaster. She deserves to at least return to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity or, better yet, become her own hero. There’s nothing Heroin Green loses in the main game Linkle, but what you get is the knowledge that heroinism isn’t destined, it’s action.

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It’s time for The Legend of Zelda to give us a Female Link

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