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23-year-old Russian Andrey Rublev was properly awarded as the “Most Improved Player” in 2020. Muscobite won five titles (including three ATP 500 trophies) on the main circuit and was in the first top ten. time.

He was also able to reach the quarterfinals at the Roland Garros and the US Open, losing to Stefanos Tsitsipas and Daniil Medvedev, respectively. Rublev, who won a total of 41 games during the season, is tied to Novak Djokovic, the best in the world.

Andrey Rublev believes that Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer boast certain distinct qualities that give people a particular image.

Rublev on Roger Federer’s main strengths

In a recent interview, Andrey Rublev was asked about his thoughts on getting yet another fan’s favorite title, even though Roger Federer played very little all year long. It was.

“I haven’t followed him, but he (Roger Federer) has this status. That’s his image,” Rublev said. “Like Nadal is always involved with someone who fights to the end no matter what. He” dies “on the field but will continue to play.

That is, people already have their own feelings for each player. Next, the Russians emphasize the specific characteristics of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic and consider them to be their greatest strength. “For Rafael Nadal’s heart, Roger Federer’s sense of timing and Novak Djokovic’s vision, backhand and resilience of his game,” the Russians continued.

In 2019, Federer bought a stake in the Swiss sneaker brand “On”. The partnership between Federer and On has reached new heights after it was announced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics that it would partner with the Swiss Olympic team.

The dawn of “on” apparel for athletes at the Tokyo Olympics was a big step forward for the brand as it became known worldwide. “We are pleased to announce that On will be a new partner for the Swiss Olympics, which means that all Swiss athletes at the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year will wear On’s clothes and shoes.

Of course I hope I’m there too. I think it’s great that this partnership supports both young athletes and Paralympians. This is great news and I hope Swiss athletes are looking forward to collaborating with ON. “

The old logo stands out, but Federer has registered the new logo by the end of 2020. The logo is simpler than his old logo. There is an “R” with a period. Federer and “On” can use this logo together.

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“I’ve never followed him, but Roger Federer …” says the Top 10. “I’ve never followed him, but Roger Federer …” says the Top 10.

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