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Between Mica Persons, Zaben Collins, Dylan MosesThe 2021 linebacker classes, such as Baron Browning, are stacked with high-level size / speed defenders at the second level.another NFL draft The prospective customer who embodies this prototype is LSU linebacker Jabril Cox. FCS transfer Cox has proved that it can take advantage of the 2020 season to leap to a higher level of competition. Did he succeed and how was his draft inventory affected?

Jabril Cox NFL Draft Profile

Weight: 231 lbs

Position: Linebacker

School: LSU

This year: Red shirt senior

FBS is known for its general advantage in terms of athletic performance, but gems are unearthed annually at the FCS level. However, some of these gems have the opportunity to prove their value on the FBS stage. Cox won it, but his journey began with a lot of hard work dating back to high school.

Cox was a prominent figure at Raytown South High School. There he was a three-year starter in soccer, a two-year team captain, and a four-year starter in basketball. He recorded personnel in wide receivers, linebackers, safety and cornerbacks, but Cox’s main role was to start quarterbacks.

Cox was a dual threat weapon, but his lack of definition and polish as a quarterback sacrificed him during the recruitment phase.Just a two-star rookie, he has received little interest since then. Go on a visit to Nebraska As a sophomore, he decided to choose North Dakota State Bison as his college football destination in 2016. There, Cox will attract interest that he couldn’t bring in as a young player.

Jabril Cox’s Journey to Become an LSU Linebacker

Players rarely make the big institutional leap that Jabril Cox made during the senior season of redshirts. This was a leap on the premise of long-standing dominance at the FCS level at the Missouri Valley Conference.

After making his first year in Bison a red shirt, Cox played in all 15 games as a freshman in a red shirt. During the 2017 season, he recorded a total of 75 tackles, 13 tackle losses, 4.5 sack, 1 intercept, 1 forced fumble, 4 pass deflections and 3 fumble recovery. He was named Missouri Valley Rookie and Freshman of the Year for the season. But there was much more where it came from.

Make progress after his advertised rookie season

In 2018, Cox picked it up about 3 notches. He played in all 15 games again and acted as a full-time starter. That year, Cox accumulated a total of 91 tackles, 9.5 tackle losses, 4 sack, 4 intercepts and 7 pass reflections. Cox became a threat to the pass coverage team and won the MVC Defensive Player of the Year in the breakout season.

By 2019, Cox has become a fixture for both teammates and opponents. He continued his productive streak in 2019, ending his career in North Dakota with a tremendous total. Among them, he accumulated 258 tackles, 32 tackles, 14 sack, 6 intercepts and 18 pass reflections. He was also a three-time national champion. Cox could have declared the 2020 NFL draft feasible, but one thing was missing in his resume.

1 year at FBS level

After graduating from North Dakota in the spring of 2019, Cox turned his attention to his future NFL career. He sought to increase his NFL draft inventory in a year-long competition at the FBS level. Therefore, he entered the forwarding portal as a graduate forwarding.

This shows that Cox was soon chased by two of SEC’s top teams, Alabama and LSU. The visit was not allowed due to restrictions, but Cox eventually signed the Tigers. LSU offered greater opportunities in linebacker positions, and Cox transformed those opportunities in the 2020 season.

In his only FBS season, Cox stood out in the defense of the overall retreating LSU. In 10 games, Cox had a total of 58 tackles, 6.5 tackle losses, 3 intercepts, Pick Six, And 5-pass deflection. Cox was selected as the semi-finalist of the Batkas Award for top linebackers in the country. He didn’t win, but he proved he was involved in the conversation, which was what he eventually tried to do.

On January 3, Cox officially declared the 2021 NFL Draft. Now proceed to the next step.

Analysis of Jabril Cox’s NFL Draft Profile

As mentioned earlier, the 2021 NFL Draft is linebacker and full of impressive size / speed talent, and Jabril Cox is part of that group. Cox is about 6 feet-4, 231 pounds in size and is very well built on the second level. He also has attractive kinetic properties that combine with his striking frame.

Cox’s biggest calling card is his explosive, at least athletic. Moving downhill, Cox accelerates rapidly, and his linear burst can cause problems for players who stay long in the backfield. Cox’s ability to quickly cover the ground also helps with coverage. There, he was characterized by hawking in front of short and intermediate routes, which was a great success, as evidenced by nine career interceptions. In addition, his burst enhances his pass rush utility. If he isn’t blocked, he can absolutely destroy play.

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Cox also provides solid lateral agility and only provides poor fluidity when turning, but he has enough spring to make up for it. The functional speed of Cox is also impressive. Some defenders have excellent explosiveness, but they reach their limits too quickly to keep track of them.Cox, but probably Runs around 4.6.. This speed shows a great deal of time in pursuit, where Cox’s tracking ability can be particularly effective in his length.

What are the holes in the Jabril Cox game?

As you can imagine, Cox is still relatively raw in the NFL draft outlook. He came from FCS and spent only a year at FBS, but he still has a little learning curve. He performed well in his lonely FBS season, but his play was sometimes extremely volatile. LSU linebackers have proved that he has a future for the NFL, but the team may need to quarantine him for a moment before nominating him as a premier player.

That said, Cox is well worth the investment in the NFL Draft. LSU linebackers bring the characteristics of upper-level athletes. There is also a size that allows you to take off the blocker and finish the tackle with authority.He can confront the tight end of one-on-one defense, and he also Shows flush to slot receiver.. In addition, he has a football IQ and has the instinct to become a zone playmaker.

Cox needs to learn how to improve his patience with aggression and can further refine his tackle angle. However, he has the mental, motor, and physical composition that will start the potential effects of the NFL.

Great for Jabril Cox’s 2021 NFL Draft

Jabril Cox was an incredibly productive linebacker at the college level. Judging how successful the leap to FBS was, he should be able to quickly transform into a producer with the right scheme. Teams need to learn how to get the most out of Cox’s size and explosiveness. However, given Cox’s exciting and balanced palette of properties, that’s not a hassle.

Cox has tools to fill both weak and strong linebackers in different situations. He was also able to play a linebacker in a 3-4 arrangement, expanding his ability as a Blitzer. Versatility is the name of the Cox game. With his athletic ability, he can do many things that other linebackers can’t. In the NFL, where its mix-and-match capabilities are very important, it’s a big priority for LSU linebackers.

He is also known as humility, Hardworking player, The coach will be flexible in what he wants. This needs to be emphasized in the senior bowl.

The team with which Cox has the greatest impact

Teams such as the Washington Football Team, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams and Atlanta Falcons will benefit greatly from Cox’s dynamic capabilities. He also fits into the locker room culture that these teams are trying to establish to take the next step. Of course, there are other teams that can take advantage of Cox’s talent. On the second day, he offers a lot of value in his physical potential. He turns 23 in the NFL Draft, but his ability to quickly adapt to his surroundings is a good sign for him, both for his imminent transition and his quest to become a starter.

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Jabril Cox, LB, LSU-NFL Draft Player Profile Jabril Cox, LB, LSU-NFL Draft Player Profile

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