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Jacksonville Jaguars currently holds the 25th pick in the draft.

Many people enjoy participating in simulated drafts each year and are trying to predict their picks. Predicting draft choices early in the first round can be fairly easy, but can be difficult in the middle of the first round. Players will eventually be drafted faster than expected or drop farther than expected.

Currently, Jaguar owns the 25th pick overall, second in the first round. This can vary depending on how the last two games of the season progress, but not so much. They are an array of players that Jaguar can choose from, and here are the top five they should consider:

Jaguar’s best option:


OT Jayren Mayfield

Jaguar is desperately in need of help on the attack line and the attack tackle position must be at the top of the draft target list.

Jaguar can be put Jaylen Mayfield With the correct tackle while maintaining Cam Robinson On the left is Gardner Minshoe, or perhaps Trevor Lawrence’s blind side protector. Cam Robinson will be a free agent, but Jacksonville should appear to hold him.


DT Jatafere

The line of defense is another weakness of Jacksonville, and it’s important to address both the interior and edges of the draft.

Unlike previous draft classes, it’s a bit unclear who this year’s top defensive tackle prospects will be.There’s still plenty of time for the top guys to appear between now and the draft, but it seems like USC. Jay Tafere I firmly hold the top.

Tafere is a threat to both passes and runs.He Incredible athlete A person who quickly changes direction for someone of his size. He does a great job of dropping blocks and finding the ball. One of the areas where Tafere can improve is his hand technique. He needs to work on the counter move, but in the end the ceiling is high and there is plenty of room for future development.


Edge Patrick Jones II

I don’t feel like Pittsburgh Patrick Jones II Well discussed, he should be discussing for the top EDGE prospects in this draft.

Jones has the natural skill to become the dominant edge rusher in the NFL. He explodes quickly and sets the edge immediately. The biggest areas Jones needs to tackle are his hand technique and winning the first contact. He has a long arm and needs to make more use of it.

Jones’ production improved dramatically during his senior season. In 11 games, he lost a total of 42 tackles, 9 sackles and 12.5 tackles.


TE Pat Freiermuth

Jaguar needs a franchise tight end, which is very likely to be the tight end of Pennsylvania State University. Pat Fly Armas.. Kyle Pitts of Florida is considered the tightest end outlook for this draft. The only reason Freiermuth is ranked second is because Pitts is faster and more numerous.

Freiermuth is called “Baby Gronck”, and there are good reasons for this. He’s 6’5 “260 lbs, a physical specimen of attack. He’s not that fast, but Fly Armas has a great contact balance and makes the defender run quickly. Really the only one about him. Concerns are his lack of speed and the overwhelming number.


Edge Joseph Ossai

Texas Joseph Ossai Most people are expected to be drafted later in the first round. Ossai is an explosive athlete with 6 feet 3 inches and 245 pounds. He’s still a bit cheeky, but he has made great promises as a professional-level weakness linebacker. Oops Have a skill set to become Leo In the NFL, in a position popularized by the Seattle Seahawks, players basically play a hybrid of defensive end / linebackers.

Path coverage is the biggest area Ossai needs to work on.When he returns to the press, he needs to know better about what’s happening around him

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Jacksonville Jaguars Best Option, 25th Pick Overall Jacksonville Jaguars Best Option, 25th Pick Overall

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