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The legal tampering period for agreeing to the terms is within 24 hours at the time of writing this article, and the NFL Club seeks to secure as many free agents as possible. On their side, Jackson Bill Jaguar needs to add a wide receiver, but also needs to find a way to keep DJ Chark Junior.

Bleacher Report’s Christopher Knox recently put together a list of players that each team can’t afford to lose. Chark was Jaguar’s choice. Knox said Jacksonville had to surround Trevor Lawrence with weapons, former LSU Tiger said.Become one of those weapons“.

Chark was a professional bowler and 1,000-yard receiver in 2019, recording 2,042 yards and 15 touchdowns in 43 career games. Large (6’4”, 198 lbs), fast and physical, the Chark has all the tools you need to become the legal No. 1 target. Although his injury history is a bit worrisome (he missed 21 games in four seasons), Jaguar is obliged to see what he can achieve in the full season with Lawrence as a quarterback.

Chark is not an elite receiver at this stage of his career, but has been one of Jaguar’s most effective (and only) offensive weapons for the past few years. Injuries and instability in quarterback positions hurt his production, but he has proven to be able to play at the Pro Bowl level. In 2021, he averaged 22 yards per season before his ankle fracture ended the season early. Jacksonville had a hard time moving the ball and scoring points because he wasn’t in the lineup.

Jaguar attacks are better with DJ Chark than without.

Keep in mind that even if Jaguar re-signs the chark, you will still need to add another wide receiver to your free agent or draft.Head coach Doug Pederson says He wants the team to bring him back But the Las Vegas Raiders and the New England Patriots Interested in chasing him According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, if he goes to the open market.

After application Cam Robinson franchise tagThe jug’s cap space is about $ 40 million, enough to make a reasonable offer to Chark. Although he has been injured at the end of the season, Pro Football Focus expects him to sign a two-year $ 25 million contract (an average of $ 12.5 a year). Jacksonville could give him that kind of deal and still have enough money to make some splash signs with a free agent.

Jaguars do not have a good track record of maintaining their homemade talent. If they want to turn things around and start winning the game, they have to go against that trend. Maintaining a DJ chark will be a good start. But they have to hurry because the free agency watches run out of time before they hit midnight.

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Jacksonville Jaguars must hold WRDJ Chark as a free agent Jacksonville Jaguars must hold WRDJ Chark as a free agent

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