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Veteran Jaco Alars wrote that he stopped chasing perfection to focus on victory. Michael Vrismas..

The most liberated moment for veteran Sunshine Tour pro Jaco Ahlers was when he realized that perfection wasn’t the goal in the game. It was at that moment that he stopped trying to make the most beautiful swings and did what he was most good at – just make a score.

With nine professional wins on the Sunshine Tour, privileges on the Asian Tour, and stints on the European Tour, the Allers are golfers who are comfortable on their skin and know what they can do for them.

“I wasn’t the most beautiful golfer in the world. I know what I can do and what my strengths and weaknesses are,” he says.

“When I went on tour, it bothered me. Everyone wants to look good-wise.I think it’s a kind of voluntary pressure We wear ourselves. But I didn’t want to be perfect enough to get older and more experienced.I realized you don’t have to Perfect.All you have to do is perfect Score. You have to find a way to make a score and a way to put the ball in the hole. that’s it. ‘

The Allers seem to have had the habit of peaking at exactly the right time, regardless of his body shape during the season.At a big event Rolling, he always seems to be in the mix.

This wasn’t as obvious as it was when it made its debut in 2014. Prestigious Nedbank Golf Challenge at Sun city.The Allers win the Cape Town Open in the playoffs between Ross Macdonald and Henny Otto wins the last spot in 30th place The “African Major” field of the year.

The Cape Town Open was only the second victory of his professional career, but opened the door to one of the most exclusive areas of world golf at the time, three major winners, We have joined 3 former world No. 1 and 5 people.European Ryder Cup players and 3 people Gary Player’s Past Nedbank Champion Country club of the year.

A year later, the Allers earned another big income With the payday he won the Investec Cup R3.5 million – his share of the R10 million bonus pool – and R163400 tournament prizes.

Just the facts of his first four experts All wins in the playoffs Enough to show that this is a man Someone who knows what to do under pressure and can provide it without any problems.

Still, that wasn’t always the case.

‘I hit myself when I started playing On the tour, I was standing in a teabox with the guys I saw on TV, “he says. “I had to get used to it. I was looking at a player like this: Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Death Tarblanche, Henny Otto and Darren Fichart, to name just a few. They are great golfers playing abroad and I followed them on TV. Well, suddenly I was teeing it up with them. It took me a while to realize that they were normal humans and I needed to beat them.

“It probably took a year or two to find My feet.I wish I could turn around in that sense Earlier than me, at the age of 23, an expert to offset some of those learning The year I experienced. Today, top amateurs have all the right coaches and mental and physical conditioning, so when they turn professional, they’re ready for it right away. My day was still playing amateur golf from my dad’s wallet. In fact, my dad did a caddy for me.

“I would say one of the big things I struck I had an early friendship Between Sunshine Tour players It ’s really good.I started the tour at once When I didn’t frown to go Drink a drink after your round.Many were really kind Newcomer to the tour.They try to make you feel comfortable here if you are new and most of the time Some professionals are friends with each other. “

Dynamics have changed in the sense that today’s young professionals are more focused on fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but the Allers have resisted the urge to change who he is.

“Sure, it’s not right now. Young people are all crazy about fitness now and they have that athlete’s mindset. At the time, it was just a matter of nailing it down. Chris There were some guys, like Williams and Steve Van Woolen, who were good at hitting thousands of balls within range. But I think I always felt more golfer.I was that type of golfer, and I lost A little to seek the perfect swing, try to be an athlete, or chase Trackman is always numbered. I realized I wasn’t that type of guy.I’ve always been a little Overweight and big guy, and I’ve never shaken it so fast.Maybe i noticed Too late. ‘

The Allers admit that his late perception of himself and some things about his golf could be the result of his growth. In a small rural community.He literally I grew up in Kruger National Park.

“I lived in Skukuza for the first 18 years Of my life.My dad was in charge of procurement For the park and we lived right next door Sukuza Golf Club.My dad was the founder Club members and my grandfather helped build the clubhouse.So golf It’s always a part of my life. I was a caddy for my dad and started playing when I was 10 years old. The whole family plays golf.

“But it was like living in a bubble. We I was very happy with the animals in the park. We live in a staff village There was no fence around it.It was often dark We would still be kicking a rugby ball or something, and my dad yelled at us, reminding us that there was a lion. Go to Skukuza Elementary School, Rugby, cricket, Golf, swimming, athletics.I am The first taste of the outside world When I went to Nelsproit High School.

“And traveling the world was really amazing. My first overseas golf trip was For the open championship in 2009.It was A great childhood and a great way to grow up. But it was a remote place. “

What the Allers say is their perception It makes me feel that there are still many things that can be achieved in the game.

“In a way, I feel like I couldn’t achieve it in my career because of what I know now. I wish I could start my professional career earlier and learn those lessons earlier. Growing up in Skukuza, I didn’t have the opportunity to play better players. I played the provinces It’s Mpumalanga, but it was in the B division. There was no exposure like today Amateur gets.So, in a sense, I feel it isn’t I have achieved what I want to achieve. I have played a little in Europe but I don’t have a card. Right now I have an Asian Tour card, but I don’t have a tour on the go.

The Asian Tour situation brought about by Covid-19 brings a familiar theme to the Arlers. Not only did he find a way to reach its peak at critical times, but he was sometimes unlucky.

“This year, at the British Open, I was supposed to go to Italy for 10 days of quarantine, Then in my exit test I tested positive in There are no symptoms.So I had all these health protocols that go through open Made the week pretty terrible, and I missed cut.I have the first World Golf Championship event 2018 Bridgestone Invitational. 5 weeks Before the tournament, I broke my elbow. And a few years ago, three weeks before the South African Open, I broke my ribs while skiing on the water. I seem to have had such a little misfortune over the years. But you also never know just around the corner of this game. See with Daniel Van Tonda how he took the opportunity and is doing very well now. “

It doesn’t mean that Arlers will turn 40 next year and his ambitions are waning.

“You always want to play with something bigger trip.The sunshine tour is great, but I Sunshine tour Career tour. It’s a stepping stone.But then Again, at my age, I have two young children at home, so there are other priorities to consider. I enjoy my family life. Actually, I never thought I would be a Family Guy. But when I return to George, I like to take my kids to school and do those things.

He also expanded his business interests.

“I founded a company called JERC Holdings in May of this year. I sell a hydrated electrolyte product called Dynaforce and I’m busy expanding it. We’ve only been there for a few months. No, but it’s promising. We distribute it at pharmacies and doctors can prescribe it as a hydration product for influenza and diarrhea.

“I learned management and business and started running a hotel, but to be honest, I wouldn’t know if I wasn’t a golfer. What else did you do?I’ve thought about doing something else, but golf It has always been the main thing for me. “

Like the realization that came Later in his life Ahlers still has a lot of features Golf game.

Best finish of sunshine tour

2009: Vodacom Business – Erinvale (1st place)
year 2012: Telcom PGA Championship (T2nd), ISPS Handa Match Play Champion (T2nd)
2013: Platinum Classic (T2nd)
2014: Vodacom Origins of Golf – Wild Coast (T2nd), Lion of Africa Cape Town Open (1st)
2015: Investec Cup (1st place), Investec Cup (bonus) (1st place)
2016: KCM Zambia Open (1st), Sun Wild Coast Sun Challenge (1st), Vodacom Origins of Golf – Euphoria (1st)
2017: Vodacom Origins of Golf – Arabella (T2nd)
2018: Dimension Data Pro-Am (1st), Zanaco Masters (T2)
2019: Kings Cup (1st time), Vodacom Origins of Golf – Selborn (1st)
2020: Vodacom Championship Reloaded (T2nd)
2021: Serengeti Pro-Am Invitational (2nd), SunBet Challenge – Sun City (T2nd), VOG De Zalze (T2nd)

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Jaco Arras in the comfort zone of the Sunshine Tour Jaco Arras in the comfort zone of the Sunshine Tour

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