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Jade’s Ascension is a four-player local co-op mode that is best when you’re playing with multiple people and facing big waves of enemies. It got some fun at first, but the game quickly repeats itself and you can join the game without many new elements.

The game has no story, but the PlayStation Store description describes it as a way for the Kingdom of Mojoronia to determine a new emperor. All candidates will participate in a trial entitled “Jade Ascension” and the winner will be royalty.

The trial consists of choosing your character and shooting enemies that materialize in the room as you try to reach the top of the tower. The gameplay is similar to a twin stick shooter, where movement is handled by the left stick with a quick dash from L1. The right stick is used for firing and aiming. At higher levels, traps for activation, such as turrets and tornadoes, are generated.

Run around the room, shooting everything else and dodging attacks. It usually works fine, but sometimes you’re shooting something directly without hitting it. There are several enemy attacks that are likely to dodge. Also, someone had to fall off the elevator and go to the next room and start over. These issues don’t happen every time, but they can be annoying.

After defeating all the enemies, you can stand on the platform in the middle of the room, go upstairs, rinse and repeat. The types of enemies are limited, and after the first handful of levels you can’t see many new creatures, and you can see more. Also, you can’t save your progress, so you’ll always have to start over from the ground floor without upgrading.

If you clear the floor, you will get coins, so you can use them at the store. It is visible for all other levels and offers items and upgrades. Upgrades are important to your survival and you can choose to increase the range of attacks, add more energy balls to shoot, or add health. Every time you buy an upgrade, the cost goes up, and it costs the same whether you play alone or with others.

Once the store is displayed, you can also enter the portal and play in one of the other towers. These other locations offer the same combat as the new enemy types, some additional difficulty, and boss battles.

The change in scenery is wonderful because it doesn’t change no matter which tower you visit. The jade tower is Chinese-influenced and the wooden tower is inspired by the forest, but the level inside the tower is always a square room with the same decoration as the last. As I said, there are several boss battles in other towers and you can move between them if needed. Despite the changes, there isn’t much to see and the game ends immediately.

Jade’s Ascension is a repetitive game that counters the increasingly difficult waves of enemies. There are multiple stages, but we’ve seen most of what the game displays at the first level. It’s not terrible, but it’s bland and forgotten.

Jade Ascension PS4 Review

  • Overall-not bad- 5/10



Jade’s Ascension is a good effort from a small studio, but soon the steam runs out. I love having a local co-op mode for 4 people, but the battle and environment are repeated. It hasn’t been a game that catches your attention for a very long time, although some minor issues have been added.


  • Local cooperation with 4 players is a great option


  • The battle is very repetitive and shallow
  • The environment and music are the same
  • Minor issues from hits that are not related to technical issues that force a reboot can further diminish the enjoyment

Review Disclaimer: This review was performed using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. Read the review policy for more information.

I reviewed it using PS4 Pro.

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Review: Jade’s Ascension – PS4

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