Jagex Community Hero crowned at the annual Golden Gnome Awards Ceremony

Jagex’The 2020 community hero is 10th Golden Gnome Award formulaWas held on Friday (November 20th).The event celebrates the talent of the most creative content creators of all RuneScape And Old School RuneScape The community, and this year’s show, attracted over 100,000 unique viewers on all of Jagex’s social channels.

The most prestigious awards of the year were the Community Champion Award and the Community Achievement Award.The winner of the community champion is RuneScape & Old School RuneScape Wiki, the official encyclopedia page for both games. Created and maintained by the player.

Content creator Faux won the Outstanding Community Achievement Award for raising over $ 57,000 in just four hours for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Both the Community Champion Award and the Outstanding Community Achievement Award RuneScape And Old School RuneScape A community where participation goes even higher and inspires activity across the game’s wider global fan base.

Additional awards given to the most talented video content creators, fan artists, cosplayers, and outstanding members RuneScape The community has led to a total of 21 gnomes at night.

Pete McKay, Director of Community Management, said:

“A tremendous level of creativity has been seen by the RuneScape community for years, and the 10th anniversary of the Golden Gnome is the largest and most comprehensive ceremony ever, with 21 awards and around the world. Streamed on all social channels. Our community is at the heart of our living gaming philosophy. At this ceremony, games, players and the Jagex team come together to share a great experience. I’m very proud of the production standards I’ve achieved while running at home. “

Here is the complete list of 10th Golden Gnome Award winner:

Best New RuneScape Video Creator Hanany
Best New Old School RuneScape Video Creator 9 rain
The best RuneScape video creator Michael
Best Old School RuneScape Video Creator J1mmy
Best RuneScape video Protoxx Gaming
Best Old School RuneScape Video Xzact and Rendi
The best new RuneScape streamer Mika279
The best new old school RuneScape streamer Synq
The best RuneScape streamer Michael
Best Old School RuneScape Streamer Oda block
The best new RuneScape artist Suizy
Best New Old School RuneScape Artist CrumbRS
The best RuneScape artist Willowway
Best Old School RuneScape Artist 7th sleeper
The best RuneScape artistic creation Mavrick882
Best Old School RuneScape Artistic Creation Lil smoky
Best music production J1mmy
The best cosplay recreation AltF4
The best cosplay props NoxiousIRL
Community champion RuneScape & Old School RuneScape Wiki
Outstanding community achievements Of the throat

Popular gale evenings are usually celebrated at Jagex’s annual fan festival. RuneFest.. However, due to the ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus, a fully digital show was produced remotely this year.

Premier Club membership has also started RuneScape And Old School RuneScape Last week, we made fun of what Jagex was waiting for for the year 2021’s 20th anniversary, giving players the best value ever in live gaming membership. RuneScape..

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Jagex Community Heroes Crowned at Annual Golden Gnome Awards ceremony

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