Jagged Alliance by Tropico Developers 3

After the latest release of the series was half-accepted, THQ Nordic announced a new Jagged Alliance game with another developer. Haemimont Games, the developer of Tropico and Surviving Mars, is working on Jagged Alliance 3, but the project is still in its infancy.

Revealed at the THQ Nordic 10th Anniversary showcase, Jagged Alliance 3 received enthusiastically by trying to refocus and refine what made the previous game very impressive and popular. We aim to improve the latest entries. A representative of THQ Nordic said the team is trying to make the “best swing possible” to please game fans with the Jagged Alliance 3.

Playing: Zigzag Alliance 3-Official Announcement Trailer

The game is played in a fictional world with abundant resources and complex political situations (this is a well-known area for the Tropico series of Hemimont games). The president was captured and you were brought in to find out what had happened.

THQ said the Jagged Alliance 3 aims to give players more freedom to explore and learn the world than in previous games, and the actions and decisions they take will leave a “permanent impact” on the game world. I am. This game is a previous game, such as how to replace the traditional quest log with a notebook that records story missions and allows you to complete your goals in your own time instead of being guided from one quest to the next. Has made many changes from. Finished. According to the developers, who you meet and what you do will tell you how your mission will be carried out.


During the preview event, THQ Nordic gave an overview of the environment. These environments include streets, swamps, cities, and more. Jagged Alliance 3 also has a dynamic weather system and day / night cycles that actually affect gameplay.

When it comes to gameplay, Jagged Alliance 3 remains its roots and is a turn-based tactical fighting game with the latest weapons and equipment. THQ said it has done a lot of research to ensure that the sound design and feel of the weapon is correct.

When it comes to casting in-game characters, Jagged Alliance 3 revives familiar favorites like Ivan and Tex, but it also has new faces. There isn’t a final number of characters yet-and the whole game is under development, so many can change-but each character has its own personality and clear narration. These characters can be leveled up with new perks, some with their own perks.

Finally, Jagged Alliance 3 supports full drop-in and drop-out co-op, both locally and online. The release date for Jagged Alliance 3 has not been announced.

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