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Trevor Lawrence’s happiness was overlooked before it was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jacksonville Jaguars front office has provided minimal relief to franchise quarterback Trevor Lawrence since the start of the 2021 offseason. Whatever you say, no matter who was in the Jugs front office or coaching staff before the season, every soul on the planet was the team’s first overall pick by former Clemson Tiger in this year’s draft. I knew it would be.

That said, Jacksonville had the most salary cap space of the off-season, and where was the return on investment exactly? 3 weeks in a row Tight end Dan Arnold It was the main receiver of the the meantime Arnold’s mid-season trading was positiveThe same cannot be said about the team’s previous acquisition of attacks.

Jaguar has made minimal profits from off-season acquisitions.

Whether it or not It was a suspicious draft Travis Etienne’s running back injured in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, or heavy contract bombardment of poor performers Marvin Jones Jr., Jaguar put incredible pressure on their rookie quarterbacks. But unfortunately, many other 21-foot off-season acquisitions can’t be found anywhere.

  • Carlos Hyde-The Ohio State University product has proven to be careless in football in one game in which he has received modest use. The running back is a dime in today’s NFL, and he doesn’t offer it to the team other than being a “veteran” in that position.
  • Chris Manhertz-Manhertz is strictly a block tight end and we haven’t seen more than 50% of this season’s attack snaps yet.
  • Jamal Agnew – Undoubtedly, the best acquisition of the team is primarily a special team member who is not criminally underutilized in the attack. He is not disappointed when his number is called in the attack.
  • Jaguars Camp – The Jaguars Round 6 selection in the 2021 draft struggled in the training camp and was abandoned before the regular season began.
  • Luke Farrell – In the fifth round of the 2021 backup tight end, only 50% or more of Jaguar’s attack snaps were seen in a single contest.
  • Walker Little-Jugs’ second round choice was a backup that wasn’t given the opportunity to prove if he could become the team’s future asset.

Overall, Trevor Lawrence couldn’t thrive because Black and Teal had the means to fix the flaws, but left a talent gap in the overall attack. In the future, these violations will not be able to continue.

Jaguar needs to focus on having a much better off-season in 2022.

If Jacksonville Jaguars want to enjoy the benefits of having a franchise quarterback like Trevor Lawrence, they need to improve significantly as talent acquirers. Whether it’s a free agent NFL draft or not, the team needs to add serious contributors. What does it come with? First, that means Lawrence needs better protection along the line of attack, so he’s not running consistently for his life, as seen below.

Secondly, it means getting a receiver that can get isolation at many levels of the root tree. Lawrence is incredibly talented, but distributors need a teammate he can consistently trust. Otherwise, his talent is irrelevant.

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Jaguar can’t let Trevor Lawrence fail again in the next offseason Jaguar can’t let Trevor Lawrence fail again in the next offseason

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