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Denver Broncos will face what appears to be one of the league’s worst teams in the second week of the 2021 NFL season, which Broncos has had problems with in the past.

NS Denver Broncos In the first week, he defeated the New York Giants 27-13 and got off to a good start with a great road win with a bad team. The schedule creator was kind to Broncos this year, at least at the beginning of the schedule, and now. Jacksonville Jaguars Next is up.

Jaguar looked worse than any other team in the league in the first week and easily lost to the Houston Texans. Urban Meyer seems unsuitable for the team, which can adversely affect the development of No. 1 overall Trevor Lawrence.

So this is a completed transaction, isn’t it?

Not so fast. The phrase “any Sunday” certainly applies to the NFL. Teams that look inferior routinely beat teams that shouldn’t win.

Broncos has played Jaguar 13 times and it is Jacksonville who holds the edge of 7-6 in the series so far. This includes the latest conference with Gardner Minshu entering Denver and winning 26-24.

That’s not the only Jacksonville winner in Denver. They hold a 4-4 record in Denver, and of course one of those games appeared in the 1997 playoffs and is considered by many to be one of the biggest upsets in NFL history.

But this game is not in Denver. It will be Jackson Building. Broncos has won three of the five games he has played in Jacksonville since Jacksonville joined the league as an expansion team in 1995. The last 3 seasons.

Broncos won the match on Sunday, winning 2-0 in the season and tying up a full-time series with Jacksonville. Jacksonville is the team that gave them a fit, even if they weren’t very competitive at the time.

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Jaguar is actually leading the history of time series Jaguar is actually leading the history of time series

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