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Fresh off Being an official free agent, Jake Christ was Wrestling Co., Ltd. Daily A podcast where he chatted with Wrestling. Editor-in-chief Nick Hausmann talks about his future.Christ was a podcast, his computer show unfortunately had to shut down, and he Impact Wrestling while he was away from television.

“My computer shop nerd reserve had to be closed after all,” Cristo said. “Screaming out to the nerd sanctuary. The pandemic was hard. I lost almost everything, but that’s all good. [Hausman asks if he was getting paid by Impact] No, I haven’t received any payment. To be honest, if I were paid, I’m afraid to die in this pandemic, like everyone else.

“So if you don’t have to go out to make money, to make money, to put food on the table, you won’t see me going out there during this pandemic. Honestly By the way, if I’m still paid, I wouldn’t see all the indie shows I’ve come to (Christo laughs). “

Ace Romero revealed before its influence Talents are only given a temperature check. The podcast also confirmed that Christ had only undergone a temperature check and went out on his own to take the COVID test.

“Every time we have to come in [we] I take temperature checks, but as long as I take the test, I didn’t take the test personally. I took the test myself, but the company never did it. “

Hausmann pointed out that it was similar to the situation in indie, and Christo recalled the match he was facing who was positive on the test. He revealed that he immediately went out to undergo a COVID test, which would cost $ 150.

“Oh, yes, absolutely. I’m scared,” admitted Christ. “I’m scared. I wrestled with Gary Jay at IWA Mid-South a while back. Great performer, great performer. There was a great match. We killed it, but a few days later he tested positive. COVID, and it scared me to death. So I ran and took a quick COVID test. It cost me $ 150, but I had that reassurance that I soon knew I didn’t have a COVID. “

Christ has also wrestled with the Ring of Honor in the past and revealed in a podcast that he contacted ROH. He took the time to state his case on a podcast, ROH Management to contact him.

“I want to go back, and that’s one of the promotions I’ve reached out to, but hunters (Delilias) are scary to come back to people,” Christo said with a laugh. “Hey Delirious! Call me bro! I called you! I called you. I left you messages one after another. I sent you an email. I have a lot of people You’re catching your roster. Hook me on a mate! Call me. Give me a chance. Come on, delicious! Come on, come on a hunter! What’s wrong, a mate? What is the correct pitch?

Houseman said: NJPW Increased presence in the United States through NJPW Strong and brought talent like Rio rush And ACH. Christo stated his desire to join the ring with them.

“Man, two great guys I want to play,” Christo said.

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Jake Christo says no impact was paid to him during the last six months of his contract Jake Christo says no impact was paid to him during the last six months of his contract

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