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Not so long ago Jake Paul I was throwing a toilet paper roll Dillon Danis In the drive by stunt that appeared Performed for the camera, All to build for a hot boxing match between YouTube stars and Bellator fighters.

Six weeks later, Paul booked a boxing match with an MMA fighter, but it’s not Danis who meets in the ring.Instead, a former UFC fighter and welterweight champion of the Bellator and ONE Championships. Ben Askren Take on the pole at April 17 pay-per-view 8-round match set..

Danis just before the fight is official Tuesday morning Went to twitter He said, “Jake Paul literally ran,” and called Asklen’s fight “really embarrassing.”After the announcement, Danis I shared a screenshot As a result of a direct message exchange with Paul on January 3, he quoted a knee injury – Danis underwent reconstructive surgery last March – hoping for a June date and ridiculing an obvious offer. is.

“My man, your manager literally talks to my manager. Dm and email are not the way of doing business. When I literally talk to my boss, you make a false claim about the offer. You What you are saying is far from the truth. You know I had a knee injury, I can’t do anything about it. I said I want an addict, you say I’m at the table Know what to bring to, and you’ll waste your time fighting someone else ….. June gives you a longer lease of life, I’ll give it Enjoy it before you finish.

“The offer sent to my manager was a pure dog, and you know it.”

But Paul is calling BS everywhere.

“I put the biggest offer he’s ever received on the table – seven numbers,” Paul said. ESPN.. “We know he’s probably getting 50 to 100K to fight in Bellator. This is the biggest offer. He lives in his mother’s house. That’s true. This guy is He lives with his mother somewhere in New York or New Jersey. He wanted to fight badly in the summer. He wanted to have an extra month of training due to a “knee injury.” I think that knee injury was … literally 15 months ago, so I don’t know what to do. Blame it. In addition, he posts his sparring video on his Instagram. …

“I think Dillon legally knows how good my hands are, and he trolling and commenting. He knows how to use social media. But rubber is the road. When I meet, this guy can’t beat him either. He’s a Jiu-Jitsu guy. “

Whatever the real reason, it will be 36-year-old Asklen who came out of retirement to make his boxing debut. After last year’s hip replacement surgery, Asklen will be fighting 24-year-old Paul, who has won two professional boxing wins against other celebrities. Asklen said he would make more money for his work than “paid in one battle so far.”

After all, Asklen thinks Danis doesn’t want any part of the fight with Paul.

“Dillon Danis is a bit b * tch. I think he’s justified in scaring Jake Paul,” Asklen said. ESPN.. “I can’t prove it. I don’t have your proof. But I’m pretty good at getting emotions in situations. My feelings are, Jake Paul is actually Dillon Danis. I wanted to fight Danis. He’s a bit b * tch and Dillon Danis is actually legally scared of Jake Paul, so I think I chose it second. “

Famous for helping train Conor McGregor in Jiu-Jitsu, Danis has only two professional MMA fights on his record, both of which are Bellator’s submission wins. His final victory was due to the arm bar in the first round against Max Humphrey at Bellator 222 in June 2019.

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Jake Paul, Ben Askren calls Dillon Danis scared after boxing booking Jake Paul, Ben Askren calls Dillon Danis scared after boxing booking

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