Jake Paul escalate the word war with Dana White: “One of the most selfish and capitalist motherfuckers I’ve ever seen” – MMA Sports

Jake Paul’s feud Dana White There are no signs of slowdown.

“The Problem Child” continued the word war with White on Sunday after a fierce social media conversation this weekend.Paul becomes UFC president Raise fighter salaries and provide long-term medical care to his roster, He vows to end his own up-and-coming boxing career and step into the octagon Jorge Masvidal If White accepts these terms. He also wants to see White undergo a drug test for the next decade.

White responded later, repeating his previous claim that Paul was a steroid user, Ask if Paul wrote his own statement, And he added that he did not believe Paul was a pay-per-view draw among other insults.

Since then, Paul has responded by blasting White for not addressing his particular point.

“Simply put, you didn’t mention anything I said,” Paul said on Instagram. “I accepted your challenge. I said I would fight MMA. I said I would retire from boxing, and you avoided all of that … it means you are in the corner You’re a dog in the corner trying to fight to save his entire company and the embarrassment I’ve given you. Everyone sees it and you accept, love, and thank you. What I can’t do is that I’m trying to change the sport forever. You’re one of the most selfish and capitalist motherfuckers I’ve ever seen, and everyone else. I need you. Dana. I’m the only one who doesn’t need you and I don’t give you af * ck about you, but all these people, all your fighters, all them. You just put them on the bench. You met your maker. I won’t stop. Welcome to the show, everyone in attendance. “

“The bottom line is, Dana, don’t add health care to the fighters, because they don’t care about the fighters and are too greedy to pay more than $ 12,000 to the worst fighters. They risk their lives. For what he did, “he continued. “It’s made by the janitor. You have to pay them $ 50,000, Dana. Stop avoiding my claim.”

Paul repeatedly welcomed the fight against Masvidal in MMA, but disagreed with Masvidal’s legitimate pay-per-view appeal and claimed his mother was a bigger draw than the UFC’s “BMF” champion. did.

“You were caught by cocaine and a prostitute every other week,” Paul said. “And you have some botox, because with all the money you have, with” billionaire “or some money, your forehead looks like a GPS google map like a mother. I think you will get it. Similarly, all the lines in it and sh * t.

“And you say Masvidal is a pay-per-view superstar. Let’s go to his last Instagram post, 5,000 likes, 10,000 likes, or some sh * t. My mom Pam Do you know that you will like more than pay-per-view superstars? “

Regarding White’s desire to see Paul tested for steroids, Paul welcomed the challenge by calling himself “fat b * tch”.He then returned the question to White, suggesting that White’s accusations were based on the fact that Paul was able to knock out a former UFC champion. Tyron Woodley And former UFC welterweight candidate Ben Askren..

“I don’t take steroids. I take it as a compliment because there is no excuse to knock out all your champions other than” this kid does steroids, “” Paul added later. I would like to steroid test all of your fighters. But you don’t do that, right? “

Paul also jumped at the defense of White’s former employee, manager Nakis Vidarian, mentioned in a recent retort to White’s YouTube star. In doing so, he also confirmed that he would take some more personal shots in White.

“Men lie, females lie, Dana White lie, but numbers don’t lie,” Paul said. “Would you like to talk about my manager, the CFO of your company, who helped sell to Endeavor for $ 4 billion?

“You’re just jealous, ugly f * ck. You don’t know what true happiness is. You afflict unfortunate millionaires who thought money would make their lives better. It’s a definition of that. I’m sorry. “

– MMA Sports

Jake Paul escalate the word war with Dana White: “One of the most selfish and capitalist motherfuckers I’ve ever seen” Jake Paul escalate the word war with Dana White: “One of the most selfish and capitalist motherfuckers I’ve ever seen”

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