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Tomorrow, at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, Circus is in town in another battle featuring influencer to boxing disruptor Jake Paul. This time he is trying to set his record to 5-0. But in this fight, he will face his first opponent in a professional boxing record (a little bit).

After Tommy Fury dropped out of the fight due to an injury, Tyron Woodley was chosen to set foot on the other side of the Problem Child. Of course, Woodley lost to Paul in the summer split decision. The fight was the first and only boxing match for a former UFC welterweight champion.

The undercard of Paul vs. Woodley 2 features Amanda Serrano, a featherweight phenom who has returned to lightweight to take over Miriam Gutierrez. The most freaky battle on the card is for former NBA player Deron Williams (who owns part of Fortis MMA) to fight former NFL player Frank Gore.

However, both professional and enthusiast pugilists must go through weighing before any of them occur. In celebrity boxing, anything can happen, so be careful about weighing in case a drama happens.

The official weighing can be found below. The stream starts at 9am Eastern Standard Time.

Complete result:

Cruiserweight: Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

Lightweight Championship: Amanda Serrano vs. Miriam Gutierrez

Heavyweight: Deron Williams vs. Frank Gore

Junior Welter Weight: Liam Paro vs Yomar Aramso

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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 Weighing Live Stream Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 Weighing Live Stream

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