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Look at Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley Video highlights of the full battle from the above clash, in favor of showtime and other outlets.

Paul vs. Woodley was held on August 29th at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. In the main event, Jake Paul (4-0) and Tyron Woodley (0-1) collided. The battle was broadcast live on pay-per-view.

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Round 1: Woodley comes out very low at first, with Paul moving around fast. Woodley uses a jab to examine her body early on and navigate her reach. We measured the approach from both men early and each felt in a jab. Paul began looking for a double jab while Woodley was still trying to heal the cage. Paul lands a good combination, including a hook to the scoring body. Woodley is really taking the time here and Paul is settling within his reach. Woodley lands a pair of hooks on his body when the two come together, but not so often. Woodley steps to the right of the overhand, but Paul sees it come and go.

MMA Fighting wins round 10-9 poles.

Round 2: It’s still early, but Woodley threw only six punches in the first round. You can’t win such a fight, and it’s been a big problem for former UFC welterweight champions over the last few years. Perhaps he will open this round.

Paul looks comfortable to start the second. Tall and bouncing. Paul is a better boxer for now and Woodley needs to get this dirty. Because standing outside takes too long to see Paul’s big right hand. Paul really works behind the jab, but he’s moving a lot. Does he have aerobic exercise to maintain this? To be sure, Woodley isn’t working him out of the movement.

There isn’t much action in this round. Paul continues to jab, then he lands a solid combo. Paul certainly looks like someone trying to improve. Woodley was unable to lock in the pole and was still stuck in 1st gear as Boubird came out at the end of the second round.

MMA Fighting will win 10-9 poles and 20-18 poles throughout the round.

Round 3: If Woodley continues this, this will be a long night for him and his fans. Paul is a bit of a slogan because if he can win this way, he doesn’t risk being open. Paul has landed on a good right hand and Woodley is starting more jabs now. He is also cutting the ring better and landing good rights! Paul is back with a solid combo, but now the combination punches are really well linked.

Woodley has moved the jab more and is now trying to fire just behind it. He needs more of this and more counters. Paul has begun firing without punishment and Woodley has to get him to pay. Woodley lands a good uppercut when Paul is under the duck, but Paul is fine. Woodley lands straight on the bell, which may be his best punch.

MMA Fighting will win the entire round of 10-9 poles and 30-27 poles.

Round 4: In the replay, you can see that the right from Woodley landed well and Paul ate it without any problems. That’s a problem because Woodley has no volume. Woodley became a bit aggressive early on, forced to exchange more, and both men are now throwing with more force. Clinch and Woodley have begun to play physical inside.

Woodley is currently walking on the pole consistently, but can’t find a triggering line and the pole seems to be slowing down. Woody crack pole with a big left hook! Paul trips over the rope and holds it to prevent a fall, and now Woodley is pursuing! Paul is still an unstable foot, and Woodley senses the moment. Paul is riding his bicycle and waiting for the bell.

MMA Fighting wins round 10-9 Woodley, 39-37 poles overall.

Round 5: Things can be very interesting if Paul is slowing down. It was probably Woodley’s knockdown, and he’s full of confidence to start the fifth. Paul lowers his land and Woodley lands a large uppercut. Paul is about to fire at Woodley, but Woodley is now confident.

Paul is still throwing, but he is now in defense and Woodley’s right hand is finding a house. Paul missed a giant haystack, but the left hook landed and Woodley dropped his hand and fed the slugfest. Woodley dropped the attack dramatically later in the round, which brought Paul back to it.

MMA Fighting wins round 10-9 Woodley, the entire 48-47 pole.

Round 6: The final round could have gone in either direction, but Paul survived the storm.

Woodley marched the pole and again had a rough housing inside. Paul returns to the jab and Woodley isn’t attacking enough. Now it’s all one shot and Paul avoids most of them. The fans are booing again, so Paul opens with a 5-punch combo. Paul is obviously tired, but he is still working while Woodley is waiting.

Woodley landed some decent shots in this round, but he could be pulled away from the pole here if he could increase the volume. Instead, Paul is now surpassing him. Currently, these shots don’t have much power from the pole, but more than what Woodley offers. Woodley ends the round with a combo, but too few.

MMA Fighting will win the entire round of 10-9 poles and 58-56 poles.

Round 7: Woodley’s Corner is begging their fighters to just do something. If you look at the last few years of his MMA career, this is a familiar scene. However, Woodley starts in 7th place in the clinch.

At 1 minute on the 7th, Woodley probably threw two punches. But Paul hasn’t done much, and Woodley has a good counter at least to the left. Woodley joined forces and swapped, and Paul broke him with a hook. Woodley is more active and Paul is taking a deep breath. Woodley begins to force the problem and land some decent shots inside. Paul took a step to the left, but his combination fell. Woodley eats a big counter to the right, but Paul’s punches are no longer stabbed by them, and Woodley lands his own shot.

MMA Fighting wins round 10-9 Woodley, 67-66 poles overall.

Round 8: At this point, it is very likely that the pole has gone from 6 rounds to 1 round. Woodley certainly needs something now, and he starts with that in mind, looking for the beginning and throwing some bombs. Paul eats his right hand, but Paul appears to be refreshing for the final round. Paul realized he could duck in at any time, and Woodley wouldn’t attack to prevent it. It’s just a clinch and a waste of time. Paul is breathing hard, but Woodley is still not doing enough. But Paul isn’t doing much. He is coasting this round. HUGE RIGHT HAND landed on Woodley, but Paul took it well and sprinted around the ring waiting for the final bell. Paul celebrated when it was over and believed he had won. He may have, but we record the match:

MMA Fighting wins round 10-9 Woodley, 76-76 overall draw.

Official decision: Jake Paul defeats Tyron Woodley with split decision

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Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Full Fight Video Highlights Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Full Fight Video Highlights

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